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Desperate and "Enraged" Shapiro's Latest Tantrum About The U

Public enemy #1 in Coral Gables also known as Nevin "the snitch" Shapiro is apparently throwing another temper tantrum in prison. Last evening, Bruce Feldman of tweeted:

"@BFeldmanCBS Hearing Nevin Shapiro-enraged how NCAA's handling Miami case-is making more allegations. The bulk of these are UM hoops related"

I can just picture that little weasel stuck in his 8x8 cell throwing a "hissy fit" screaming and yelling like a 2 year old and it makes me laugh because these latest tidbits smack of complete desperation on Shapiro's part.

This morning Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald posted a story in his "Buzztap" column that said many of these allegations appear to have been already made but were just coming out now, apparently because of Shapiro Bonaparte and his incredulous ranting. More on this after the jump.

Jackson reported that some of the allegations are:

  • Shapiro intervened to get DUI charges dropped against standout Miami basketball player Jack McClinton
  • Shapiro helped try to recruit superstar guard John Wall for Miami
  • Two UM boosters commited violations involving players

McClinton's attorney Dan Lurvey fully denies these allegations and told Jackson:

...he had no interaction with Shapiro and never met him. He said the DUI charge was dropped 'and I'm certain Nevin Shapiro was not involved' in achieving that."

Shapiro claims that he met then UM assistant hoops coach Jake Morton and Wall's mentor Brian Clifton at Shapiro's home however Clifton denied this in a statement to Jackson:

Clifton told us then-UM assistant coach Jake Morton introduced him to Shapiro during a visit to Miami - before Wall took his official visit to UM - and that Clifton and Morton went to Shapiro's home. But Clifton said Shapiro "was not involved in John's recruitment nor did he ever meet John."

One of the boosters named is Matthew Kreiger of whom Jackson wrote:

The NCAA has poked around on this, but a close associate of Shapiro claimed no knowledge of wrongdoings by Krieger. The identity of the other booster is unknown. "I would never buy anything for athletes," Krieger said. "I was very aware of the rules. On a small number of occasions, I would be with Nevin. We ran in similar circles of friends."

Jackson goes on to point out what many have believed that the NCAA knows that Zero-Shapiro is on a revenge kick and everytime he throws a toddler tantrum it just chips another huge piece of credibility from his story. No surprise given the depth of depravity this "human" has shown towards his former investors and associates in bilking many of them out of their life savings in order to lavish himself in a false lifestyle. What is amusing here is that Shapiro seems to think he (and some of the media as well) knows exactly what is going on with the NCAA investigation but reality is more likely nobody knows and its all conjecture at this point.

There is an old saying "when you are already deep in a hole....STOP DIGGING," well Nevin in this writers opinion I hope you KEEP DIGGING!