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¿Quien Eres Tu? ¡Bethune-Cookman!

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Eschewing the traditional preview, we here at the 7th Floor are bringing you all the (mostly meaningless) things one needs to know prior to this week's match-up. The only rule? No game predictions. Today we bring you the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. The Hurricanes didn't fare so well with the flyover state Wildcats, lets see if this pride of kitties will be a wee bit easier to deal with.


Bethune-Cookman Wildcats

2011: 8-3 (6-2 in Mid-Eastern Athletic)

Last year: Lost 45-14 at Miami

Another set of Wildcats will make a return visit to Miami Gardens tomorrow, and the result should be drastically different. If you recall last year, Miami didn't exactly run away from these guys. Their lead was only 24-14 going into the 4th quarter. And oh by the way, last year was the first time Bethune-Cookman faced a major college opponent. Here are some stats that might sound familiar when going up against Wildcats - 2 to 1 time of possession advantage and out gained Miami 422 to 335. People who think this game is an automatic win, especially after the last two defensive performances, I want the name of your dealer.

B-CU comes in on an eight game winning steak, and just barely missed to I-AA (yep, still calling it that, shove it modernists) playoffs last year. They fully expect to win the MEAC this year, and anything less than a playoff appearance in 2012 would be a disappointment. They have already beaten Alabama State, coming from a 21-0 hole and withstanding a quick start from Isaiah Crowell (yes, that one) to ultimately win 38-28. Crowell had 20 yards and a TD on his first five carries, but finished with only 39 yards after leaving the game with cramps in the 2nd quarter. This team has seen elite talent on the field already this year, and has experience against Miami and also playing at Sun Life. A typical cupcake game, this is not. More frosting please in the future Eichorst and Freet!


Daytona Beach, Florida

Having not turned legal spring break age between 1980 and 1995, all Daytona Beach means to me is UGH, still only halfway up or down I-95 in Florida. That drive is brutal.


12:04 PM ET


Nice try. Maybe next week. Enjoy those 13'' monitor screens, or perhaps a terrible transfer feed from a laptop to a bar tv, if you're lucky. Either way, drinking will probably help.


Maroon and Gold. Think Arena Football League version of Minnesota. Can't say I'm a fan, but that's more because I hate maroon in all its capacities. Unless the powerhouse University of Chicago Maroons finally come back to dominate the B1G.


Sun Life Stadium

Miami Gardens, Florida

Yes people, it's the first Miami Hurricanes home game! The green lot for tailgating will open at 7am, the rest at 8am, and the tarps will be in full effect on each and every upper bowl corner to your hearts delight! Seriously though, go to the game. These are the best ones to attend, as a solid win is expected. Usually you'll get to watch the younger players get some playing time. Crap, I forgot, those guys are the starters this year. Zing!

¿Food and Nightlife?

There's no point throwing out local spots for a team coming to Miami, especially one stuck in the cesspool that is Daytona Beach. So for home games this section will be a best of list on the local Miami haunts one should partake in once in their life. If you've already been to these places, you should be going again dammit, why do I need to tell you this, I thought you called yourself a Canes fan???

Monty's Raw Bar

The service is never not terrible; they force an 18% gratuity down your throat, even for just a two-top; it's a college-aged hangout at its worst. And yet, it's the one and only place you should hit up for any Miami visit. Pain Killer (sorry, Pain Remover now) #3, maybe a Miami Vice, and definitely the select your own raw bar under the canopy. The view on the bay can't be beat, the breeze comes in just right, and the happy hour from 4-8 pm on weekdays dilutes the overpriced drinks back to a normal working man's wages. Sign me up, every single time.

The Bar

Pretty much the quintessential 2am post closing time locale for any service industry employee on Miracle Mile. Had my share of $7 Long Island Iced Teas (yeah, I was that guy), giving back the cash I just earned all night at Tarpon Bend. Nice little circle of work torture. Very laid back, board games available, perfect for a group of friends to just hang out and drink. Hit up the parking lot straight out the back door for some extra curricular activities.

Chicken Kitchen

Grilled chicken + yellow rice + sweet plantains + mustard curry sauce on top. Pita bread to wash it all down. Done...and...DONE. Yeah, it's a chain, but an utterly delicious one. Locations all over, I prefer the South Miami spot for a different part of town. Parking is a nightmare, so beware.

¿Last Minute Ticket Grab?

You can lift a $45 ticket on the 50 yard line, home side, 26 rows up. Helluva deal if you ask me. But then, that would mean you're passing on the $4.97 tickets on the 30 yard line in the upper bowl. No word if you get an extra Whopper with these tickets.

¿Returning Starters?

Offense - 10

Defense - 7

Specialist - 2

These Wildcats definitely don't lack in experience. If they jump out to another great start like last year, Miami's extremely young team could be in serious trouble. Look for WRs Eddie Poole, KJ Stroud, and David Blackwell to make an impact on offense for B-CU.

¿All-Time Record?

Last year was the only meeting between these two I-95 stalwarts, and with nothing on the upcoming schedule, could perhaps be their last.

¿You Tube Clip of Glory?

As some of you might know, the traditionally black schools in the MEAC are very loud and proud of their bands, and rightfully so. They don't mess around, and are all facets of serious when it comes to their real stars.

Since it's damn near impossible (read: literally doesn't exist) to find an actual football clip of glory, we salute your band, Bethune-Cookman. Everyone remember to stick around at halftime, and no, not for the Band of the Hour. For "The Pride."