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The Extremity Report: 9/14/2012

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Injuries piling up this week for the Hurricanes. Normally you could chalk this up to a coach saving his players for the next week. Not so with a team so young and terrible thus far on defense. They need all the bodies they can get.

DT Luther Robinson was re-instated to the team this week. Playing time still to be determined, of course.

Interesting factoid here - Al Golden is 6-0 at Miami after a loss.

Perhaps a fitting end to a wasted career, summed up rather poignantly by Dr. Saturday.

Bethune-Cookman is sick and tired of coming from behind to win.

At some point, hopefully soon, Seantrel Henderson will be in the starting lineup. With Ereck Flowers getting great game experience in his absence, the OL could prove to get even better this year.

Huzzah! Those of us not in Florida can maybe, if we're lucky, watch Miami play on the fancy picture box!

Around the ACC

Clemson WR stud Sammy Watkins is back in action this week against Furman. I don't think Dabo got the Bowden family memo that you suspend your stars for the I-AA teams, not the good ones. Maybe for next year's suspension he'll have it figured out.

In other Clemson news, DC Brent Venables "challenges the manhood" of his entire defense after giving up 200+ yards rushing the first two games. Huh? Only 200 yards? Must be nice! I won't dare say what D'Onofrio challenged his defense to do this week.

Entirely possible the ACC drops back down to an 8 game conference schedule once Notre Dame officially sorta joins the conference. Many of the teams play an SEC rival school each year, and I can already hear the griping behind closed doors with luke warm diet cokes strewn about the oak tables.

The Tar Heel Blog shows us what all those no-show classes were eating for breakfast.