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Miami vs. Bethune-Cookman Preview: Bethune-Cookman Profile


2011: 8-3 (7-2) / 2012: 2-0

Last year's meeting: Miami 45, Bethune-Cookman 14 The Canes started out slow. Like, really slow. Like, Miami was down 7-0 after the first quarter. But, at that point, talent took over and the Canes outscored BCC 45-7. Lamar Miller ran for 102 yards and two touchdowns and Tommy Streeter caught touchdowns of 56 and 33 yards.

Last week's game: Bethune-Cookman 27, South Carolina State 14 The Wildcats (that's Bethune-Cookman) were down by two touchdowns after the first quarter, but dominated the rest of the game. The recovery of a fumble in the endzone kickstarted their comeback, but BCC's defense dominated from the second quarter on, allowing the offense to rack up some points as things wore on.

Offense: In past years, BCC has run their offense primarily out of shotgun. This year, though, they're relying more on their run game. In their opening game vs. Alabama State, BCC ran for 367 yards.

Defense: Bethune-Cookman will put 11 players on the field when Miami has the ball. This will be their defense. They have allowed an average of 21 points per game in two games so far this year. Miami, hopefully, will more than double that.

Good news matchup for Miami: Every matchup is a good matchup for Miami, since they're playing Bethune-Cookman. Or at least you would hope so.

Bad news matchup for Miami: Miami can't stop the run. Or the pass. Bethune-Cookman has an offense. We'll see how this one plays out.