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Miami Hurricanes Injury Report: Perryman To Undergo MRI, Hurns May Play

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So, let's briefly look ahead to next week. The Canes are seemingly holding on by a thread right now, and if they're going to have a chance of beating Georgia Tech, they're going to need as many players healthy as possible. Whether or not they will is another question.

Al Golden released a brief injury report today. Let's take a look.

  • Denzel Perryman will undergo an MRI today to determine the severity of his injury. It's being called a high ankle sprain, and seeing as Denzel was in an air cast on the sideline, it's hard to imagine that he'll play on Saturday.
  • Golden said that he's hopeful Allen Hurns can play on Saturday, but that one will likely be close to a gametime decision. He, of course, is dealing with concussion-related issues.
  • Long snapper Sean McNally will not play on Saturday. Curtis Porter is still out indefinitely.

So, what are the ramifications here?

Obviously, the loss of Perryman could be crippling. Miami would now be without two of its starting linebackers and would be relying on a whole host of guys who you more or less don't really want to see in a game. The starting linebacker trio would most likely be Eddie Johnson, Tyrone Cornelius and Jimmy Gaines, which is rather horrifying. Gionni Paul would probably see more burn, as would Thurston Ambrister. Kelvin Cain could also potentially see some time back at linebacker, I think.

The Canes also really need Hurns back. Regardless of your opinion of Stephen Morris, there's been a noticeable dip in this offense since Hurns went out. He isn't a star receiver, but he can get open consistently, which is something that UM's other receivers are having trouble with right now. The entire offense, especially the passing offense, has looked utterly out-of-sync with Hurns off the field.

I'm not a fan of Vaughn Telemaque, but at this point the defense needs every body it can muster. Though the triple-option is obviously run-first, safety play is pretty important from the defense's perspective because Paul Johnson will try and pop receivers down the field for big pass plays.

As for McNally, Miami's snapping looked fine yesterday, but it's something to keep an eye on.