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Week 3 BlogPoll: The 7th Floor's Ballot


The BlogPoll votes are being tallied as we speak across SB Nation for the games of week three. I've submitted the ballot for our humble little blog this evening.

Click the jump for the ballot!

Here's how I think things shook out after this weekend's games. My votes were mainly on performance, and yes, the homer fan in me couldn't resist throwing Miami in there simply because of Duke Johnson's incredible performance.

  • Alabama obviously retained the top spot with their roast of the Hogs, and LSU is the best team nobody seems to be talking about.
  • Oregon's offense is just stupid good, although their defense as of yet leaves a bit to be desired. However, the best defense is a prolific offense in this case, so here they are.
  • Florida St. comes in at number 4, because even though they haven't really played anyone of note yet, they have looked pretty damn good. They deserve this spot until they don't.
  • Georgia rounds out the top 5, because though they started off slow, they turned it on late and cruised easily.
  • USCe, Michigan St., and Virginia Tech all took a huge tumble, though they remained in the top 25. Tennessee dropped a bit further than most, because they didn't just lose, but appeared to give up late against Florida.
  • Miami rings the bell at #25, because this is a Miami blog, and I say so.
What are your thoughts on the ballot?