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Miami Hurricanes Injury Report: Perryman, No; Hurns, Yes; Telemaque, Maybe

Al Golden spoke with reporters today about Miami's major injuries. Here's the gist:

We've covered the Denzel Perryman ramifications pretty extensively. Golden also mentioned Gionni Paul and Jimmy Gaines as two guys that need to step up on Saturday, so that maybe gives a bit of an idea of the pecking order at linebacker. Miami desperately needs Allen Hurns back -- as I've said before, I don't think it's a coincidence that Stephen Morris' struggles in the last few games perfectly line up with Hurns' absence. As for Vaughn Telemaque, the Canes defense needs bodies, and Telemaque is at least partly a body. Again, I have to wonder if -- given the attrition, lack of experience and dearth of talent at linebacker -- Miami will experiment with putting more than two safeties on the field at once on Saturday.