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BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT: Big, Official, News-like Stuff!

Here at The 7th Floor, the goal has always been to bring you, the fans/readers/students, the best Canes coverage available on the world wide interwebs. We work our butts off to achieve this goal, and today things got just a bit easier.

Hit the jump for the news!

We are excited to announce the addition of Jerry and Josh from Category 6 to the 7th Floor family. Their blog has been exploding recently, and has been working with other SB Nation sites on Q&A's, coverage, and opinion pieces. They bring with them not only great access to the University of Miami, but a budding relationship with some of the players as well.

Their specialty was/is basketball, which our humble blog has been looking to increase coverage in, but they are also amazingly adept at covering football as well. They immediately add so much more to our blog, and we could not be more thrilled to be working with them to achieve our goals.

Stay tuned for a lot more content spewing forth from these pages in the coming months, and strap in, because it's gonna be fun!