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SB Nation United Is Coming: What Is It?

Hah haaaah. Yeah boy! That's right!
Hah haaaah. Yeah boy! That's right!

Next week is going to bring some monumental changes not only to The 7th Floor, but to SB Nation as a whole. The community is getting a pretty massive face lift, and in doing so, the experience of bringing you the best sports content around the web will become infinitely easier.

Not only that, but YOUR experience as a reader is going to get easier as well. How so? Well, hit the jump (those are going away, BTW) for more info!

Probably the most awesome aspect of the redesign of the site is the speed increase. The page loads faster, images load faster, comments run smoother, which means our words get through your eyeballs and into your brains at breakneck speeds. We're in there, you can't help it. Once you get past the speed though, its the beauty of the site that will really make this a special, special thing.

For example, the front page of each site is becoming its own dynamic, living, breathing thing. At the top of each page, we will be able to make sure you have first access to all the biggest stories, game threads, and relevant team information right off the bat. If a story breaks, you wont have to search for it to find it. It's all right there, accessible as soon as the page loads (which is fast, remember?). Here's a look at some of the ways that we will be able to bring you the info you want.




Pretty awesome, huh? As you can see, each community's fancy new logo is doing its thing, fitting into the new design perfectly. You can see that we have different options and layouts for how we want to present content to you, and they are as dynamic as Duke Johnson. Maybe we bring you three stories one week, and decide that the next you want five whole stories. YOU DON'T OWN US, YOU'RE NOT OUR REAL DAD. Regardless, these cover options are going to allow us as writers to make sure that you get immediate access to the news that you want.

"But...but...what about content that I create!? Remember when I put up that story about my kitten wearing a Canes helmet? Yeah....that was awesome."

Don't worry, young one. We got you covered also. FanPosts and FanShots aren't going away. In fact, they too are easier. For example, the FanShot section will now basically be a unified copy/paste box for your image URL, YouTube link, or site link that you want to share. Simply paste it in, hit the FanShot button, and BOOM, instant sex*. The newest ones will still show up on the front page, but they will also have their own dedicated section so you can peruse them at your leisure. Here, take a look-see:


Nice, right? Yeah...we like it too.

One of the things we are most excited about is a feature from the SB Nation home site that is finally being imported to each team site for their abuse. Story Streams are an incredibly useful way for us to make sure that you have not only the story itself, but any useful updates to it without forcing you to re-read the original post to get to the updated info. Did Tracy Howard leave the game for some reason? We got you. But what about 20 minutes later when he comes back out and he's fine? We will simply be able to go in and add a separate update to the original story letting you know the newest info, and its all available separately. Feast your special eyes:


Reverse chronological order. The newest updates first, at the top, right where you need them. This is happening people, and its aweeessssome.

One of the coolest overall aspects of the new United movement is the unification of the sites across the web, your tablet, or your smart phone. Visiting any of our sites from any of these devices will result in the exact same experience. This site is the mobile site is the tablet version, same look, same feel, same content. No more swapping between a full on web browsing experience and then drilling it down to a bare bones mobile site that loads kinda funny.


On the left there you have the site on a tablet. On the right, a mobile phone. See what I mean? Samesies.

We here at The 7th Floor are ridiculously excited for the launch of the new site, and we want it now. Unfortunately, we still gotta wait a little bit. The near future. Very near future, to be exact. What do you guys think of the new digs?

*Not actual sex. Its an innernet picture, dummy (and not that kind of innernet picture).