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The Newest Miami Depth Chart Shows A Few Moves


After the Canes incredible come back win against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, there have been a few changes on the depth chart. Some of these changes are due to injuries, and some are due to stellar play as of late. Young guys are starting to put it together, and the more experienced guys are learning to play consistently.

Hit the jump for the latest chart!

WR 80 Rashawn Scott 6-2 190 So.
86 Herb Waters
6-2 185 Fr.
LT 79 Malcolm Bunche -OR-
6-7 325 RSo.
77 Seantrel Henderson
6-8 340 Jr.
70 Jon Feliciano
6-5 314 RSo.

68 Jeremy Lewis
6-4 316 RSr.
62 Shane McDermott
6-4 295 RSo.

75 Jared Wheeler
6-5 314 RJr.
65 Brandon Linder
6-6 308 Jr.
78 Jermaine Johnson -OR- 6-6 316 RJr.
63 Danny Isidora 6-4 320 Fr.
RT 74 Ereck Flowers -OR-
6-6 314 Fr.
55 Ben Jones
6-5 310
TE 49 Dyron Dye
6-5 255 RJr.
46 Clive Walford 6-4 250 RSo.
82 Asante Cleveland
6-5 263 Jr.
FB 33 Maurice Hagens
5-11 240 Jr.
43 Sean Harvey 6-4 262 RSo.
QB 17 Stephen Morris
6-2 214 Jr.
11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
RB 5 Mike James
5-11 220 Sr.
8 Duke Johnson 5-9 188 Fr.
23 Eduardo Clements
5-9 195 Jr.
WR 4 Phillip Dorsett

83 Kendal Thompkins
5-10 182 RSr.
WR 1 Allen Hurns
192 Jr.
24 Davon Johnson
6-0 188 Sr.

71 Anthony Chickillo
6-4 262 So.
99 Jelani Hamilton 6-5 271 Fr.
DT 98 Darius Smith
6-2 315 Sr.
72 Earl Moore -OR- 6-1 300 Fr.
92 Jalen Grimble
6-2 295 So.
DT 91 Olsen Pierre
6-4 300 So.
67 Corey King -OR- 6-1 295 RFr.
93 Luther Robinson 6-3 288 RJr.
51 Shayon Green
6-3 260 RJr.
94 Kelvin Cain -OR- 6-3 245 So.

17 Tyriq McCord
6-3 236 Fr.
44 Eddie Johnson 6-1 238 RFr.

34 Thurston Armbrister
6-3 222 So.
58 Gabriel Terry 6-3 215 Fr.
59 Jimmy Gaines
6-3 230 Jr.
36 Gionni Paul 6-1 230 So.
OLB 31 Tyrone Cornileus 6-2 210 Jr.
59 Jimmy Gaines
6-3 230 Jr.
57 Nantambu Fentress 5-9 205 So.
CB 20 Thomas Finnie
5-10 183 So.
3 Tracy Howard
5-11 185 Fr.
S 2 Deon Bush 6-1 190 Fr.
22 Kacy Rodgers II
6-2 210 Jr.
S 30 A.J. Highsmith
6-0 202 RJr.
7 Vaughn Telemaque 6-2 204 RSr.
29 Rayshawn Jenkins 6-1 203 Fr.
CB 21 Brandon McGee
6-0 194 Sr.
39 Antonio Crawford -OR-
188 Fr.
37 Ladarius Gunter 6-2 198 Jr.

13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.
40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
FG 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
18 Matt Goudis 6-0 170 RFr.
KO 40 Jake Wieclaw
6-2 193 RSr.
18 Matt Goudis
6-0 170 RFr.
H 13 Dalton Botts
6-3 205 Sr.

11 Ryan Williams
6-5 221 RSo.
61 Paul Kelly 6-1 262 RSr.
61 Paul Kelly
6-1 262 RSr.

65 Brandon Linder 6-6 308 Jr.
4 Phillip Dorsett 5-10 185 So.
8 Duke Johnson 5-9 192 Fr.
KR 4 Phillip Dorsett
5-10 185 So.
8 Duke Johnson
5-9 188 Fr.


One of the biggest changes you'll notice is that big man Seantrel Henderson is now listed as the co-starter at left tackle. Malcolm Bunche remains the starter, but the fact that he is now sharing his spot on the chart speaks volumes to Henderson's work ethic. The fact he is on the left side of the line speaks even bigger volumes about the play of true freshman Ereck Flowers on the right. It was widely accepted that while Flowers was playing very well, Henderson would eventually replace him as the starter. Now, it looks as if Flowers has all but cemented himself as the permanent rock on the right side, and Henderson has been moved to the left. For those doing the math at home, that means that the outside of the offensive line is a combined 13 feet, 2 inches and 654 pounds of man (19 feet, 9 inches and 979 pounds if you throw Bunche into the mix). And they aren't just big, those dudes are talented. Stephen Morris shouldn't worry about his front or his back very much at all.

The next change comes at wide receiver, and is facilitated by the loss of freshman Malcolm Lewis for the year. Allen Hurns, Phillip Dorsett, and Rashawn Scott are listed as your starters. Most surprising here is Scott. Frankly, he was not good against GT. He showed a lot of complacency on what should have been easy catches, and did not play well at all. If anyone deserves the starting spot, it is senior Davon Johnson, who is making the absolute most out of his last year as a Cane. Dyron Dye is listed as your starter at TE, which is surprising seeing as the two best pass catching threats are Walford and Cleveland. With Lewis out and the rest of the WR corps a bit iffy, the tight ends may see a lot more work, and this position may change.

On defense, the middle of the line has been playing very well as of late, with Darius Smith and Olsen Pierre stepping their game up. This has allowed Anthony Chickillo and Shayon Green to be the backfield wrecking crew they were supposed to be. At linebacker, Eddie Johnson should have gotten the game ball for his heady stop of Washington on the 4th and 1 goal line stand in overtime, but at the very least he has cemented his starting spot. Jimmy Gaines and Tyrone Cornelius both played very well, as well as walk-on Nantambu Fentress. Raphael Kirby should be able to see the field this weekend against N.C. State, which will provide needed depth at the position.

In the secondary, Deon Bush continues to grow rapidly, with a couple of great backfield stops against GT, although he did have his occasional mishap. A.J. Highsmith is listed as the starter opposite Bush after a great showing. Kacy Rogers and Vaughn Telemaque are providing the pressure in the 2 spots. At this point, Brandon McGee is not going to give up his spot. He has been fantastic so far this year. Thomas Finnie is your starter on the opposite side, and with good reason. He has been awesome for Golden and Onofrio (he still has not earned that D from me, but he's getting there), and barring an unforeseen setback, Tracy Howard will be his backup.

Special teams gets some love this week, as punter Dalton Botts suffered a sprained ankle early against GT. While there is a chance he may be back in time for the State game, Matt Goudis more than likely will get the nod.