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Linked Up: ACC Links and What We Thinks

We grabbed a few links from some of our ACC SBN partners in order to offer up our thoughts. We are a conference, after all.

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Here at SB Nation, we like to think of ourselves as a united (see what I did there?) front, regardless of school, team, or conference affiliation. We are all humble writers with a singular purpose: to give your eyeballs the words and pictures that they so desperately crave.

In light of such a goal, we have pulled a handful of links from around the SBN ACC circuit (we even included you, Pittsburgh) and have offered up some commentary on the content of said linkies.


First up, we have the fellows over at BC Interruption discussing how Boston College can beat Clemson.

Clearly, the parallels between the Eagles and the Seminoles are just WAY to close to logically decide who is who. It's like that age old movie cliche where the original dude and the evil clone try to convince the hot lady with a gun who to shoot. Also just as obvious, our sarcasm at the fact that the Eagles are as good as FSU. Look, we aren't saying that BC can't beat Clemson, but the likelihood of beating this Tigers team off the heels of a demoralizing loss is slim. Sure, the game is at BC, which is extremely tough after they were forced to play in Tallahassee (hopefully they all got their required shots upon leaving, so as to not infect the regular populace with invasive species of various bacteria). This Tigers team is loaded on offense, and the defense is just good enough to be able to keep BC out of it.

Next on the link docket is a piece by the gents at our Wake Forest Blog, Blogger So Dear. They have a weekly power rankings post that they throw out that focuses on the ACC teams in both divisions, and places them very neatly into a ranking of best to worst.

They showed us a bit of love after our fantastic win over the YellowBees, and put us squarely into the 5th spot in their rankings. Of course, FSU, Clemson, and VT were all above us at the 1,2 and 4 spots respectively. Who was in the 3rd spot, you ask? Well, that would be N.C. State. The Blogger boys will have to excuse us if we roundly disagree with this position. Sure, the team boasts a 3-1 record, but they have yet to play a conference game, and their toughest test was against the Tennessee Volunteers, which they lost. Their three wins are against UCONN, South Alabama, and The Citadel. Out of those three, the Citadel win is most impressive because of the performance of the Wolfpack, but one must still be reminded that it is an FCS team. This Saturday's game will be an interesting one, with the Pack dipping their toes into the conference for the first time, and the Canes being ACC battle tested (to a point) with two ACC wins already, both on the road.

For our next link, we travel up Cardiac Hill, and bring an ACC new guy into the picture with their opinion on just how big a loss Notre Dame basketball is to the Big East.

First of all, Pitt, the hell do you care about the Big East anymore? You're one of us now. Live it, like it, love it. In regards to your article, I couldn't agree with you more. The ND men's team is certainly not on par with the Cuses, Dukes, and UNCs of the world, but they have been a very solid program in their own right. Losing them is a big blow to the Big East, regardless of the singular Sweet Sixteen appearance they have. On the outside looking in, though, is the women's team. They have been great over the past 12 or so years, winning a national title and placing as the runner up in another one. The Big East is losing a major player in the women's game here, and only time will tell if this move overall will spell the end of the conference. This is certainly a bit of a stretch at this point, seeing as we are only just talking about basketball here, but the less football games that ND plays with the Big East, the worse it is for the conference. With them playing a minimum of 5 ACC games PLUS their normal USC, Michigan, Michigan St. games, the Big East is getting left out in the cold.


There are plenty of other ACC blogs out there that do fantastic work, and the new United redesign makes it easier than ever to locate them. Believe it or not, the other conferences are well represented too! I mean, even the Big Ten can take a break from losing to the SEC to post some things every once in a while!