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Miami vs. Boston College: Highlights and Drive Chart

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Miami opened their season is pretty spectacular fashion, and got a jump start on the ACC race while they were at it. The game started off in a way that almost caused a mass exodus of Canes fans. The defense was non-existent, the offense was pedestrian, and the highly touted rookies that we had all heard of didn't seem like they had made the trip.

And then...Denzel happened....

Denzel Perryman Pick Six vs Boston College 2012 (via cane13fye)

This play completely changed the momentum of the game, and seemed to allow the whole team to take a deep breath and get back to what they were supposed to be doing. BC had punched them square in the mouth, but they got back up and shook it off. Then...this glorious man took over:

Duke Johnson Highlights vs Boston College 2012 (via cane13fye)

Duke was spectacular the whole game. Not only for the two 50+ yard touchdown runs, but as you can see above he showed good power up the middle, and a nose for the first down marker. This kid is gonna be special.

Not to be outdone by his offensive freshman counterpart, Malcolm Lewis had a little something to show people, too:

Malcolm Lewis TD vs Boston College 2012 (via cane13fye)

For his solid work against BC, Lewis has been moved the upper level of the latest depth chart, replacing Kendal Thompkins, who had a rough day of it. Lewis is going to be a very solid option for Stephen Morris going forward, with a combination of sure hands, good speed, and an elusiveness that will serve him well in the quick hitch route offense that Fisch ran.

Below is an animated depth chart from the game, showing just how lopsided the second half of the game was.


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

This game was a roller coaster for Canes fans, although the second half of the game did a whole lot to help everyone relax. The defense showed some bright spots, the offense started to click, and things started to fall into place. It seemed like going in, they had a lot of jitters to work out, and hopefully they did, because things get a hell of a lot harder next week playing KSU up in Manhattan.