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¿Quien Eres Tu? ¡Kansas State!

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Eschewing the traditional preview, we here at the 7th Floor are bringing you all the (mostly meaningless) things one needs to know prior to this week's match-up. The only rule? No game predictions. Today, we present you the Kansas State Aggies Farmers Wildcats. And yes, those were their previous nicknames. GOOO Farmers!


Kansas State Wildcats

2011: 10-3 (7-2 in Big 12)

Last year: Won 28-24 at Miami

I'm sure you can all recall the frustration last year in the loss to these guys. Miami had the ball inside the 2 yard line in the last minute, and ended up with nothing after Jacory Harris' scramble TD was overturned on replay. A fitting end to the poorly conditioned, undisciplined bunch last year.

Kansas State had a terrific 2011, winning every conference game except Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, then lost their bowl game against Arkansas. Not bad for a team with zero expectations coming into the season.


Manhattan, Kansas

A two hour straight shot west from Kansas City (Missouri or Kansas? Wildcat fans, you tell me). Be sure to stop in Topeka and get your picture taken at the Golden God Russell Hammond statue. They're just real Topeka people, man.


12:00 PM ET


Miami Hurricane punching bag Eric Crouch will be announcing this game. 5 to 1 odds Jonathan Vilma shows up in the booth just so we can all witness a grown man wetting himself on air.


The only official color for K-State is royal purple. Not noble purple, not aristocratic purple, but royal purple. Their white and silver linings are just used as complementary colors.


Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium. Capacity of 50,000. Unlike all the Yankee fans who will shout until you turn down the NE douchebaggery button on your internal volume remote, Bill Snyder actually built this stadium. Or got it renovated to where it stands today, luxury boxes and all.

¿Food and Nightlife?

Rudy's Bar and Grill

627 9th Ave

A great dive bar, one of my favorites. Serves free (and delicious!) hot dogs upon asking the bartender. Drinks are cheap, most less than $4, and they even have pitchers less than $10. Just look for the giant wooden pig outside in a suit.

The Pony Bar

637 10th Ave

Now here's another local fave, one of the best micro brews in the whole city of Manhattan. Everything will cost you $5, even the higher abv beers. This time of year there are plenty of pumpkin beers, one --- wait, what?

(Ed. Note -- Lt. Philip Nolan: you know this isn't Manhattan right? It's the other Manhattan? In Kansas? And come on, that joke has been played out by everyone, every single year. Think of something original.)

Well, on that note, just go wander around campus, find yourself a royal purple tent, play nice, and I'm sure you can drink Natty Light to your hearts delight. Hey Nolan, way to ruin a joke. Dick.

According to Tye over at Bring On The Cats, tailgating is plentiful.

Just about anywhere around the stadium. There are two large paved parking lots on the east and west side of the stadium, and there are large grass parking lots across Kimball Avenue to the north of the stadium. Unless you are belligerent, you should be treated well.

Belligerence follows Hurricane fans like a shadow, so be careful there!

¿Last Minute Ticket Grab?

The fans in the Little Apple take their college football a wee bit more seriously than Boston College, so you won't be finding any $6 nose bleeds last minute. Cheapest you'll manage are $49.50 in the upper deck of the corner end zone. Visitor sections are 18 and 19.

¿Returning Starters?

Offense - 8

Defense - 6

To Miami fans, there are really only two returning starters, Collin Klein and Arthur Brown. While those two guys were definitely studs last year, K-State is more than just a couple players. Sophomore WR Tyler Lockett was named All-Big 12, and senior CB Nigel Malone did him one extra and earned AP All-American honors. Now, if we can just get Denzel Perryman to tackle Collin Klein straight into Arthur Brown on the sideline, it just might do the trick for another road W.

¿All-Time Record?

1-0 in favor of Kansas State. Last year was the first time these two programs came together, and knowing how Bill Snyder schedules out of conference, this Saturday will most likely be the last. Hurricanes, it's up to you to tie or bust!

¿You Tube Clip of Glory?

Collin Klein, run a little bit. Don't be scared. You're tough. We know you're tough. Your wife knows you're tough. RUN. THE. BALL.

Ok, I'll play nice. Here's a real clip of past Wildcat glory. A TD throw from Michael Bishop in the first time K-State beat Nebraska in 30 years.

If you didn't already know, Bring On The Cats is where you need to go for everything Kansas State.

Go Canes!