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The Extremity Report: 9/7/2012

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More of a Kansas State feel this week, since we're finally into the thick of game season. If you missed any of our Q&A's with Bring On The Cats, here's Part 1 and Part 2. Don't worry, we're not that money hungry. We won't give ourselves a buzz cut, inexplicably hire our daughter, and force a Part 3 down your throats.

True freshman Ereck Flowers is a very shy beast. Ahh, remember those past glory days when a player no one expected to be good turned out awesome?

Deon Bush, he's coming. To your cittay. Can we just fast forward to 2014 please?

Once more people, one final time. Arthur Brown, All-Big 12 stud. You have to remember the past...UGH.

The now infamous K-State Mask gives us his Miami prediction. I wish this guy could be contracted out to other teams.

UPDATE: DT Luther Robinson confirmed out for this weekend's game.

Around the ACC

BC Interruption was at the game last week, and here are his pics. Also, a post game wrap up.

Starting Virginia Tech WR D.J. Coles is out for the rest of the season. All of the injuries falling in Miami's favor!

N.C. State CB C.J. Wilson was suspended for the first four games of the year for academic reasons. Which unfortunately allows him to be back for the Miami game.