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Miami And The NCAA: Are We There Yet?

News started flying around today that Miami would potentially be receiving their notice of allegations from the NCAA as early as Monday.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Editor's Note: First of all, I want to set the record straight on something, since it seems that mainstream media seem to be missing it. When the word that the NOA was finally going to be coming from the NCAA in the next 72 hours broke and started to circulate, CaneInsider had it first. About 2 hours after that, the AP ran the story, and it got picked up from there. Even in instances when people credited both sites, CaneInsider was still listed behind the AP. There's no real point to me making this clear other than I want to make sure that folks are aware of where credit truly lies. That it all.

Man the battle stations! No....wait....maybe not. Twitter was overtaken today with word that the NCAA was finally going to be getting off of their collective asses and given Miami the long awaited Notice of Allegations within the next 72 hours. Once that made the rounds, then it turned into the NCAA is setting up meetings to discuss the investigation with people explicitly named in the report. So what's the real story?

Our sources indicate that no, there will be no letter received within the next three days. Sorry to burst your bubble. They have, however, informed us that the NCAA will be talking to people that are named in the report, so at least that much is accurate. We were told that once the meetings that will likely take place starting next week are over, the NOA may follow that. We are likely looking at sometime before the end of the month, if not after national signing day.

The main point here is that the investigation is still being fleshed out, but it is definitely in its final stages. Once we do receive the NOA, the school has 90 days to review the allegations and respond to the NCAA with anything they find to be incorrect. Once that is done, the Committee On Infractions will give the final ruling, and the sanctions will take effect. So, even if we were to receive the letter on Monday, it would likely be a few months at least before anyone knows exactly what will happen. To make things that much more difficult, since Miami is a private institution, neither they nor the NCAA is under any obligation to reveal exactly what the allegations are. Miami has already made the statement that they will, in fact, keep the process private:

The one thing that could make this whole thing easier is that it definitely appears that someone, whether at Miami or from within the NCAA, has no qualms about leaking out info. Whether Miami keeps things private or not, info will seemingly get out.

Strap in, Canes fans. Next week should be interesting.