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Post-Game Video: Miami Shells Terrapins

The 'Canes improved to 3-0 in the ACC with a physical win over the Maryland Terrapins. SOTU was there after the game to hear from some 'Canes and coaches of both teams.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Kenny Kadji, Shane Larkin, and Julian Gamble were up first. Sorry ahead of time for the head-interference by the guy in front of me.

After Coach L left the podium and the news crews packed up, Maryland's Coach Mark Turgeon stepped up to talk about the game. This may be the only footage in existence of this - so enjoy. A couple of words about Turgeon. Clearly, he was anguished. We all know how draining these games can be - and we're just fans. I'm sure it's an emotional pressure cooker for players and coaches. Compare the body language of both coaches. The variance between them is staggering.