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Hurricanes Hoops looking good in RPI, but not getting love from the AP. Does it matter??

Despite being undefeated and on top of the ACC, the Miami Hurricanes are getting very little love from the pollsters.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When the latest NCAA RPI Rankings came out, Miami found themselves way up close to the top, at #5. Yet in the AP Rankings they were nowhere to be found, receiving just 9 votes. The USA Today Coaches poll did not register one single vote for the 'Canes.

And what is the RPI you ask???

RPI stands for ratings percentage index. It is a metric that churns out a percentage by combining a team's record (25 percent of the formula), a team's opponents' records (50 percent), and a team's opponents' opponents' record (25 percent). RPI rankings are put together and then teams are compared to one another (strength of schedule component) by seeing how each fared against the RPI top 25, RPI top 50, etc.

An incredible 21 teams are ranked behind Miami in the RPI, but ahead of them in the AP Poll. (Thanks to Steve Walentik of the Colombia Daily Tribune for this info.)

But does any of this matter? Should UM players, coaches, or fans be annoyed at the lack of recognition? Julian Gamble, doesn't seem too bothered:

And JG makes a good point. If Miami continues to take care of business none of the ranking should matter. Furthermore if the wins do come, the pollsters will not be able to deny Miami forever.

As far as whether the polls will affect Miami's chances/seeding for the NCAA Tournament. I took a deeper look into the process and the polls were never mentioned. The RPI, while not the single most important factor, is considered.

Now you may ask, given the identical resume as UM, would North Carolina or Kentucky be ranked?? And yes, you'd have a point.

But long story short 'Canes fans, while the recognition of being ranked would be nice. It frankly is not that important.