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Q&A with BC Interruption

Coming off two huge wins against UNC and Maryland, Miami must avoid a letdown against a Boston College team, who the Canes have defeated four straight times.

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The Miami Hurricanes are looking to improve to 4-0 in ACC play and no, it's not football season. What does BC have to do to prevent Miami in achieving that mark? What is their all-time starting lineup? Game prediction? For all that and more, check out our Q&A with Conrad Kaczmarek of BC Interruption.

SOTU: Ryan Anderson is undoubtedly Boston College's best player, but besides him, who do you think needs to have a big game for the Eagles to knock down the Hurricanes?

BCI: Joe Rahon or Olivier Hanlan. They are the Eagles' two freshman point guards and it seems as though BC needs one of them to have a huge game for the team to be successful. When one (or both) of those guys has it going from behind the arc and is getting to the free throw line, the Eagles are pretty solid.

SOTU: What was the primary difference between the win at Virginia Tech and the loss at Wake Forest?

BCI: Ryan Anderson. It's pretty simple, really. He was a beast against VT and was merely okay against Wake Forest. This team really doesn't get going in any game if Ryan Anderson doesn't dominate his matchup.

SOTU: Which players or match-up on the 'Canes roster are you most concerned about?

BCI: This might sound weird because he isn't their biggest name, but Trey McKinney Jones freaks me out. This BC team isn't good enough to get away with fluke-y type things happening in games and all I can imagine is Jones going unnoticed and then draining three-pointer after three-pointer. It's the little things with a team this young that really seems to doom the Eagles. They'll key in so much on the bigger match ups that the lesser players come up and catch them by surprise. It happened against NC State with Scott Wood and I fear that it may happen with Jones and Miami.

SOTU: What would constitute a successful season for Boston College? NCAA? NIT?

BCI: NIT would be splendid. NCAA would be a miracle. A .500 record in the ACC would be really awesome as well. I don't know if the Eagles will get any of those benchmarks, but it'd be really nice. With this young team and the system that Steve Donahue is trying to build at BC, I think fans are pretty patient. Next year, however, when he's had Anderson for three seasons -- expectations will start to ramp up and we'll need to see real tangible results.

SOTU: What would be your all-time starting five for Boston College?

BCI: I think the starting 5 is made up of Dana Barrows, Troy Bell, Jared Dudley, Craig Smith, and Sean Williams. BC hasn't really had super big name players in basketball. The guys that I listed all had great college careers, but didn't necessarily go on to be great or even good NBA players. Of the players currently on the roster, I think Ryan Anderson is really the only one with a chance at cracking this list. And even then, it'd take some enormous growth from him in his next two seasons.

SOTU: What's your prediction, and final score for tonight's game?

BCI: I will be in attendance and that usually means bad things for the Eagles (their record is far better when I'm not at the game). But I'm still in the hopelessly optimistic stage with this season, so I'll predict a win. The Eagles' defense hasn't been particularly good this year, so I think it should be pretty high scoring. I'll go with a 78-73 win for the Eagles.

Thanks again to Conrad for working with us. Be sure to head over to BC Interruption to see our answers to his questions, and don't forget to check out the game tonight on ESPN3 at 7:00 PM EST.