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Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Weekend: A Roundup Of The Recruits

Miami hosted a litany of commits and recruits this weekend in an effort to close strong. Four of the biggest names were on campus, along with a huge surprise and a nice out of nowhere commitment. SOTU wraps everything up for you.


Apologize for the lateness of the roundup, but even after a few phone calls, Golden STILL insisted on holding this weekend during my father's birthday. Regardless, I'm back in front of the keyboard, and good lord is there a bunch of news to round up for y'all. Leggo!

To begin with, the Canes got a nice little (big) surprise in JUCO DE recruit Ufomba Kamalu, who showed up to visit almost out of nowhere. He's ranked as right around a 3 star average, which is about right considering how raw of a prospect he is. His tape shows flashes of what is possible, and the upside of the guy is big. The best thing about the commitment, however, is that he provides much needed size and depth along the weakest part of the defense.

Along the vein of surprise visitors, the Canes got a potentially ridiculous one in CB Rashard Robinson, who is currently committed to LSU. Robinson has visited Miami unofficially before, but until recently was always penciled in as a Tiger. However, recent reports say that he is closer to 50/50 between LSU and Miami, and he reportedly mentioned to Golden on this visit that he wants to be a Cane. This could be a nice surprise come signing day if things go right.

The tight end position got a bit of a boost with the news that Standish Dobard has gotten all the credit needed out of high school, and will start classes at Miami on Tuesday. While it does not appear that the numbers allow for any back counting in this year's class, these guys enrolling early is definitely preferable since they will get a lot of extra work with the team in. Not to mention the extra hours in the U Tough program.

As far as the big name recruits are concerned, things appear to be looking up for most of them. According to CanesInsight, Keith Bryant's mother attended the visit with him and absolutely loved it. She reportedly is all in with Miami, and wants him to go there, mainly due to the short distance. Denver Kirkland apparently also enjoyed his visit. There are conflicting reports out there on him, some say that Miami is his leader and that he will announce on February 1st, others (including himself) deny those reports. In my opinion, its very possible that he still doesn't know, but on the other hand these reports don't just materialize out of nowhere. You have to think that Miami is in very good shape with him.

Jamal Carter attended with both of his parents, and even though he is already committed, the news after this weekend is still great. He has reportedly cancelled all of his other planned visits (Clemson, possibly LSU), and is 110% Cane.

Jaynard Bostwick is all around a quiet guy, but word is is that after this weekend, it's extremely likely he winds up at Miami. His mother is reportedly pushing for him to commit soon, to not keep schools waiting and wondering. Golden is scheduled for an in-home visit with him this week, and there's a chance that we could be seeing another Brennan Carroll tweet.

Alex Collins is arguably the biggest recruit left for Miami, with Matt Thomas being the other name. Collins though is having a hard time with things, and is still hearing from plenty of schools. This is one that could end after his last visit to Arkansas, or it could go all the way to signing day. Regardless, you have to like Miami's chances here, although until the ink is dry, who knows.

Sidenote: Despite Fisch leaving, Kevin Olsen is solid to Miami, citing his feeling that Golden has a winning plan in place and that he knows he will find a great replacement.

That about does it for the news out of this weekend. Aside from all this, basically everyone else is already committed and loved their time on campus with their future team mates. Aside from in home visits and whoever may visit on February 1st, it appears that Miami has set themselves up for a great close down the stretch.