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#25 'Canes Get Ready for #1 Duke: Practice Footage

On Wednesday, the #25 'Canes play one of the most anticipated games in program history - at least in terms of early-season conference play.

Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

In preparation for Dick Vitale and the #1 ranked Dookies, Coach Larranaga opened a slice of practice to the media. Some of the audio was a bit soft - so crank your speakers up!

This first video has some jump roping, a strange Frankenstein-like walking exercise, and some motivational stuff by Coach L. Coach also spoke about Martin Luther King Jr. and his importance to our society, but this part of the video was inaudible, so I had to snip it.

In case the videos don't play (they've been buggy) here are the links Practice 1 Practice 2 Practice 3 The second clip features mostly transition drills and jump shooting. Reggie Johnson participates in some of the non-contact action. In this final clip, there's some good battling between Kenny Kadji, Tonye Jekiri, Erik Swoope, and Rapheal Akpejiori followed by some 5x5 action. At the end of practice, Kenny Kadji has a pretty impressive sequence.