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Hurricanes Recruiting Roundup - A Lost Recruit, But A Huge Visit

Miami got some bad news this morning when a longtime commit chose to flip to a rival. However, the news was tempered by the fact that a handful of high priority targets will be on hand for a gigantic basketball game.

Bud Elliot - SB Nation Recruiting

I woke up this morning to plenty of emails and texts about Jeremy Kerr, a TE/OL recruit that has been committed to Miami for quite a while. While I hadn't yet read any of them, I knew immediately what they were about. Back on the 17th, I received a tip that Kerr would flip to FSU, but I couldn't corroborate it enough to run with it, so I kept it in my back pocket. This morning, that news came true:

This news was not entirely unexpected, and it is honestly not a big loss for Miami. They have higher priority OL targets that they feel extremely good about, and as far as TE's, well...ENTER SANDLAND. Best of luck to Kerr and his career, although one of our current commits didn't exactly like the news:

Gall had been very vocal about possibly rooming with Kerr, and excited for him to join the team, so it's understandable that he would be a bit upset about it.

While the Kerr news is disheartening, the news that Matthew Thomas would be taking an official visit to Miami tonight for the UM/Duke hoops game cheered everybody up. Noles247 ($$$) first reported it:

"I'm going to Miami on an official tomorrow," Thomas said. "I'm doing like a mid-week visit. I think Tracy (Howard), Deon (Bush) or one of them guys from Miami will be my host. I've been there a lot, so I know what it's about. I'm just looking to meet up with the coaches, talking to them and seeing where I fit if I go there."

Canes have been hoping for an OV from Big 6 for a while now, and they finally have it. His recruitment has been a wild one, and will be a wild finish barring some unseen change. Both Miami and FSU fan bases are 100% confident that he lands with them, so this is going to be fun to watch.

But wait! There's More!

Not only is Matthew Thomas visiting for tonight's basketball game, but Jamal Carter, Artie Burns, Alex Collins, Stacy Coley, and Rashard Robinson have been confirmed as well. Carter and Burns are locked up after last weekend's visit, but they are also two guys who recruit for Miami hard. Collins and Coley are two guys that Miami has been after with the full court press for a while now, and tonight could be pivotal in swinging their vote.

The last name, Rashard Robinson, is an interesting one. Reports have been all over the place about him being 50/50 between Miami and LSU, then he's said to have reaffirmed his commitment to the Tigers. He was reported to have unofficially visited Miami last weekend, but then it came out that he just showed up late at night and hung out off campus with a few of the guys. Now he's going to be at the game tonight. Who knows exactly what he's thinking, but he sure is acting like he enjoys being around Miami and the players a whole hell of a lot for a guy who supposedly doesn't want to be a Cane. His recruitment will be one to watch, as it will either end in the expected, or a huge coup for Golden.