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Miami Students: If The Canes Win Tonight, STORM THE COURT

I defend a college student's right to rush the court after a big basketball win. STOP TRYING TO RUIN EVERYONE'S FUN, OLD PEOPLE.


I tweeted this today

I'm tired of adults pontificating about when college students are allowed to rush the court.

OH NO! SOMEONE COULD GET HURT! This is college. College kids do stupid stuff that could get them killed every minute of every day. Court rushing is mundane compared to "JUMP OFF THE ROOF INTO A KIDDIE POOL WEDNESDAYS".

I rushed the court multiple times as a Miami student. Once, when Miami upset #11 UConn thanks to Darius Rice hitting a buzzer-beater 3 in the corner after stealing the inbound pass. [Since the Internet is horrible, I couldn't find any clips of this amazing game, but here's the AP game recap] The entire student section had a party in front of ESPN cameras on our home court. "Euphoric" doesn't begin to describe the feeling. The other time was when Miami beat an NC State team in the top 10. Miami stepped up the security to prevent another mess from students rushing the court. I would not be denied. I charged pass the large yellow shirts and jumped around on the court. I looked back to see none of my fellow Canes made it through the yellow wall. I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I looked down to find my big toe crooked, a flip flop missing, and a trail of blood leading back to the student section. I did not care. I jumped with the players and bled all over the court. Sure I broke my toe, and had to deal with a facilities manager at the BUC lecturing me on safety; but rushing the court solo is one of my favorite memories from my days as a Hurricane student.

When I tweeted this story out some others shared their stories:

So don't listen to idiots on TV who think they can tell you when it's right to rush the court. I don't care if Miami was #2 in the country, if you beat Duke when they're number one you rush the court. Enjoy college, real life sucks. These nay-sayers know how much fun you're having in college and they hate it. They're miserable adults trying to ruin your fun. Don't let them. RUSH, STORM, SWARM, TSUNAMI, OTHER WEATHER METAPHOR THE COURT! (if we win)

Share your storming the court (or field) stories in the comments.