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Shakesperian Tragedy in Reverse w/Postgame Interviews

"Friends, 'Canes, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Duke, not to praise them". - (Act III, Scene II).

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, so I edited Shakespeare just a tad. Normally, such an attempt would be blasphemous to the written, printed, or typed word, but in this case I will give myself a pass. In trying to come up with something to write, I had trouble focusing. Usually it's easy. You sit down, your fingers hit the keyboard, and all of a sudden you're vomiting up words like a co-ed projectile puking at her first keg party. Yesterday, everything that could have broken, broke right for the 'Canes. Let's take a step back and take a bird's eye view of the chain of events that led to Dukestruction 2013.

When Reggie Johnson broke his thumb in Paradise Lost, there was the feeling of "here we go again". How many posts did I read where disgruntled UM fans lamented about not being able to catch a break? I even read something about our basketball program being cursed. Last season, Miami went through the wringer. Injuries to Reggie Johnson, Julian Gamble, and Garrius Adams depleted Miami's roster right off the bat. Then came the suspensions to Durand Scott, DeQuan Jones, and Reggie Johnson. Scott was shelved just before the 'Canes took on FSU in last year's ACC tournament. And with all that, Miami likely missed March Madness by one solitary win. And then just about everything seemed to work out . . .

The NCAA screwed up royally which will likely help Miami put an end to the Nevin Shapiro (video below) LINK insanity. Julian Gamble emerged as a force in the ACC. LINK Reggie Johnson demonstrated Wolverine-like healing powers and made his triumphant return - expressed here in metaphor. There's so much more . . . I'll get to the highlight clip in the next post . . . Bonus Footage: LINK Postgame Interview: Coach K LINK Postgame Interview: Reggie Johnson, Shane Larkin, & Durand Scott LINK Postgame Interview: Coach Larranaga LINK