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Bring on the Seminoles: Media Day

Just two days after the historic destruction of Duke, Miami gets set to take on rival FSU at the BUC.

Joel Auerbach

Coach Hamilton and his squad will battle the 'Canes on Sunday, at 6pm. In preparation for this game, SOTU went to media day.

There's only a little video of this right now because of a technical hiccup, but we still have some surviving footage of Trey McKinney-Jones, Julian Gamble, and Shane Larkin up on the podium being peppered by the media pool. After, we have Durand Scott, Kenny Kadji and Reggie Johnson taking questions from reporters.

Jerry meets up with Durand Scott after and brings up Julius Hodge (in case you were wondering who #24 from NC State several years back was) among other tidbits.