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NSD Announcement Times For Miami Targets

NSD is quickly approaching, and I am sure that all of you want to know when the remaining guys will be announcing. Well, Here's the list:

Alex Collins-- Monday, Feb 4th, 10PM, Fox Sports
Jermaine Grace-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 2PM, ESPN
Denver Kirkland-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9:20AM, ESPN
Matthew Thomas-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9:15AM, ESPN
Jaynard Bostwick-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 8AM
Keith Bryant-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 1:30PM, ESPNU
Rashard Robinson-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 9AM
Stacy Coley-- Wednesday, Feb 6th, 11:05AM, ESPNU
Augustus Edwards-- Could be today, could be tomorrow.
Terrell Brooks-- Monday, Feb 4th, afternoon

As you can see, Alex Collins is going to kick the week off, and will hopefully start this close of right. Other than that, things look pretty standard, except for the fact that 4 of the biggest names are all set to announce around the same time. GONNA BE CRAZY.

Sidenote, it's probably standard practice and whatnot, but if Rashard Robinson is 100% LSU as many think, why does he need to announce? Hmmmm.....