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Gionni Paul no longer on UM football team.

This evening Paul announced via his Facebook page that he was no longer playing for Miami.


We contacted the athletic department and they confirmed that Paul was no longer on the team (no word on whether he is leaving the school).

Paul's brief post:

"Not playing for the univ of miami next year.. I thank all of miami fans for there support and wish the hurricanes the best."

The 6'2 230 pound sophomore finished 2012 with 62 tackles (unofficial).

Our take: Among returning players, it would appear the Jimmy Gaines, Denzel Perryman, Eddie Johnson, and Raphael Kirby are the top 4 LBs. (Not to mention any incoming freshman as well as Gabe Terry) So on the field Miami should be fine. There are some rumors that Paul was involved in the Thomas Finnie laptop scandal, but that is unconfirmed. In the meantime we wish the young man the best of luck going forward.