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Commitment Review: Alquadin Muhammad

Defensive end Alquadin "Quan" Muhammad (Ramsey, NJ) just committed to Miami on National TV. In this article you'll find a breakdown of his physical traits, skills and intangibles. What caliber of player is he and what NFL pro does he compare to? Read on to find out.

This is what Al Golden probably looks like right now
This is what Al Golden probably looks like right now
Joe Raedle

Size/Frame: Muhammad has good height at just under 6'4" and good weight at approximately 230 lbs. He has a proportionate frame with a thick lower body and a wide base to anchor against the run. His arms are long enough to keep blockers off his body and reach for tackles away from his body.

Athleticism: Muhammad does not possess the elite quickness and closing burst/extra gear that you expect from a highly rated defensive end, but he more than makes up for it in other ways. He's highly flexible with great bend, balance and body control. These traits - combined with his quick and active hands - enable him to beat tackles inside or outside and then flatten to get to the QB. His lateral movement skills are better than most down linemen at his age, but he sometimes to struggles to plant and redirect to pursue to the ball or make a tackle. Perhaps the most impressive trait in Muhammad's arsenal is his natural backpedal which allows him to drop quickly into zone coverage. With greater repetition in coverage he will be a weapon on zone blitzes and he's even capable of playing a stand-up outside linebacker role.

Strength/Physicality: Muhammad's most important tool is his hand use. He has heavy hands to punch and knock back linemen. He generates an impressive pop on contact and routinely works his hands to get outside leverage on a Tackle. He also has a strong lower body and core to hold his ground against the run. He's great at disengaging from blocks because his overall strength enables him to stack and shed offensive linemen.

Technique: Muhammad plays fundamentally sound and executes his assignment well. He plays with good leverage and maintains gap integrity. He steps across the line and pursues down the line rather than overpursuing and/or vacating his gap. He's a highly coordinated athlete who has clean footwork. He synchronizes his hands and feet well when he rushes the passer without overextending himself. He needs to do a better job of breaking down on contact and tackling with his body instead of his arms. Too many high school linemen arm tackle these days!

Intangibles: Muhammad is confident, mature and football-smart. He comes from a great championship program in Don Bosco Prep. Their players are typically college-ready physically and mentally, and Muhammad is no exception. I expect him to enter the rotation at DE immediately at Miami as a freshman.

Conclusion: Muhammad has excellent overall ability with few weaknesses to his game. He's not an elite speed rusher but he has enough quickness and skills to generate consistent pressure. His true value to a team will be his versatility and consistency. He can play defensive end in any alignment. He can also stand up in a 2-point stance and move around the formation to cause confusion. Few prospects of his size have the potential to be pass rushers, run stoppers and cover guys like he does.

Grade: 5.9 4 star (top 75 prospect)

Player Comparison: Michael Bennett (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)