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As Shapiro Sits In Prison, NCAA To Announce UM Sanctions and Verdict Tuesday at 10 a.m.

With convicted Ponzi-schemer Nevin Shapiro resting comfortably in federal prison and after he threatened and boasted that he would bring down the University of Miami, the NCAA will publish and announce its sanctions and findings of fact on Tuesday morning at 10 am. This will end almost three years of drama and heartache that saw the Hurricanes turn down two bowl appearances, an ACC Championship Game appearance, and many scholarships.

UM President Donna Shalala is expected to receive the findings of fact and sanctions from the NCAA on Tuesday morning.
UM President Donna Shalala is expected to receive the findings of fact and sanctions from the NCAA on Tuesday morning.

At 10 am Tuesday morning Nevin Shapiro rears his head and becomes relevant again.

While Shapiro awaits his lunch at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, North Carolina, officials from the University that he proclaimed to have once loved and supported will gather around a speaker phone in Coral Gables and learn of its fate from the much maligned National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The NCAA has put the University of Miami on notice that its Committee on Infractions will announce ifs findings of fact on Tuesday morning and along with it, the UM will learn of its fate in the penalty phase.  UM officials announced that they will be available during the day on Tuesday to comment on the situation.

It is expected that the UM might lose some scholarships and some recruiting contact. Its period of self-punishment just might carry the day and that they might not lose additional bowl appearances or the right to play for a national title. It is also believed that they would not lose the right to play on national television.  Look for UM to take an appeal if they lose television rights or the right to play in more bowl games in the future.  UM President Donna Shalala will not take any further penalty laying down.  She has vowed to fight anything that is unreasonable.

There could be separate penalties imposed against former coaches that are no longer employed by the University. Graduates of the program might be told that they have to stay away from NCAA sanctioned events.  That is the least of the UM's concern.

The Hurricanes have taken a self-imposed bowl ban on two occasions and also elected to not participate in the ACC Championship Game last season.  Let's hope that this is seen by the NCAA as punishment enough for the allegations brought by convicted Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro.

Miami will have fifteen days from tomorrow to file its appeals.  If this gets out of hand and the NCAA flexes its muscles too much, look for lawsuits to fly in the coming days and weeks.  If the NCAA is not careful, this could mark the end of the NCAA as we know it.  They have already been damaged severely as a result of this matter, the Penn State case and the Johnny Manziel fiasco.

No matter what happens tomorrow, the UM will have the right to play in a bowl game this year should they elect to do so.  Any appeal that might take place would not be resolved in time and this season would take its course.  The future would be litigated to the gills.