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ACC Power Rankings: Week 8

We’ll be providing our readers with game recaps and predictions of what lies ahead for each member of the conference. We’ll also be listing any pertinent information for each team including injury news, roster updates, and the like.

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The State of the U proceeds with our weekly Atlantic Coast Conference power rankings. Who can prove to be a top tier team in a conference of evenly matched opponents that trade victories each year? Which teams are making strides towards the illustrious ACCCG? How many C's is too many C's? All these questions and more will be answered with our evaluation of the conference power rankings.

1st - Florida St. Seminoles - 6-0 (ACC 4-0)

Previous: @ Clemson (6-1); Seminoles WIN 51-14

Next Opponent: 10/26 vs. N.C. State (3-3)

Prediction: FSU 42-10

Florida State, you are now the torchbearer of the ACC. This is not a prestigious rank unless you will it to be. Simply put, you cannot falter. I'm not saying you will (prying eyes of Noles fans). I'm just saying, aside from November 2nd, please don't screw the pooch for the ACC. Atlantic Coast Conference games have plagued even the best teams of recent years, but in a year in which the ACC bell is ringing, it is of utmost importance to take advantage of the dimly lit spotlight. On behalf of the ACC (and a reluctant Clemson), we wish you only the best on your future endeavors. November 2nd aside.

2nd - Miami Hurricanes - 6-0 (ACC 2-0)

Previous: @ North Carolina (1-5); Hurricanes WIN 27-23

Next Opponent: 10/26 vs. Wake Forest (4-3)

Prediction: Miami 38-21

You saw it, I saw it, and it was repulsive. The 'Canes came limping into North Carolina and pulled out a victory on a night that (more than likely) shouldn't have been theirs. Now I'm not discounting the tremendous effort put together by the Hurricanes to win this game, but Jameis Christ did you have to make it so stressful?

On a more positive note, Dallas Crawford has newfound respect amongst the Miami Hurricanes community, and it is well deserved. Crawford put the team on his back and showed a relentless determination to win this game. Wake is coming to town this Saturday, and Crawford will be tasked again with powering his team to another ACC victory.

3rd - Clemson Tigers - 6-1 (ACC 4-1)

Previous: vs. Florida State (5-0); Tigers LOSS 51-14

Next Opponent: 10/26 @ Maryland (5-2)

Prediction: Clemson 35-17

Clemson, I'm at a loss for words. You embarrassed us. We were left standing there humiliated. All I longed to do was partake in the dance, but Dabo abandoned the fans of the ACC. Do you even remember the opener against Georgia? Was circling the busses twice on national television just too much to handle? Well, I've seen enough Lifetime movies to know what's right. And we just can't handle another relationship like this. The dashed hopes of Clemson fans over the years wasn't enough, was it? You just had to go and look completely uncompetitive in a year that had the makings for a solid national title campaign. The disgust is too much to bear. I'm sorry, Clemson. It's not me, it's you.

Editor's Note: Nobody comes out of a throttling like that and deserves to retain elite status. And with Miami playing FSU in two weeks Clemson will have the opportunity to jump back into second if Miami gets worked. Settle down Clemson fans.

4th - Virginia Tech Hokies - 6-1 (ACC 3-0)

Previous: BYE

Next Opponent: 10/26 vs. Duke University (5-2)

Prediction: VT 27-13

Virginia Tech spent their bye week feeling a lot more at ease against Miami and a little bit more concerned about the Blue Devils. Beamer got a tan and Logan Thomas worked on his footwork.

5th - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - 4-3 (ACC 3-2)

Previous: vs. Syracuse (3-4); Yellow Jackets WIN 56-0

Next Opponent: 10/26 @ Virginia (2-5)

Prediction: GT 31-21

Georgia Tech, what the hell did you do?

6th - Pittsburgh Panthers - 4-2 (ACC 2-2)

Previous: vs. Old Dominion Monarchs (4-3); Panthers WIN 35-24

Next Opponent: 10/26 @ Navy Midshipmen (3-3)

Prediction: Pitt 27-21

Pittsburgh won a close game against the Monarchs, Mark May.

7th - Boston College Eagles - 3-3 (ACC 1-2)

Previous: BYE

Next Opponent: 10/26 @ North Carolina (1-5)

Prediction: UNC 28-24

8th - Wake Forest Demon Deacons - 4-3 (ACC 2-2)

Previous: vs. Maryland (5-2); Demon Deacons WIN 34-10

Next Opponent: 10/26 @ Miami (6-0)

Prediction: Miami 38-21

The Demon Deacons came out and not only caught Maryland off guard, but the ACC and Vegas as well. I'll keep the conversation on Wake Forest brief for now as we'll have game previews, stat breakdowns, etc. coming in the next few days here on State of the U.

9th - Maryland Terrapins - 5-2 (ACC 1-2)

Previous: @ Wake Forest (4-3); Terrapins LOSS 34-10

Next Opponent: 10/26 vs. Clemson (6-1)

Prediction: Clemson 35-17

Maryland, on the other hand, is forced to endure its final season in the ACC with a brutal dismantling by Florida State and then a record setting performance by Wake Forest. In the words of slutty drunk girl #7, who appeared in Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 5, "Hate to see you go, but you love to watch me leave."

10th - North Carolina Tar Heels - 1-5 (ACC 0-3)

Previous: vs. Miami (6-0); Tar Heels LOSS 27-23

Next Opponent: 10/26 vs. Boston College (3-3)

Prediction: UNC 28-24

Zero Dark Butthurt. With all the buzz surrounding this game and with many prognosticators labeling it as UNC's saving grace for the season, North Carolina came out in full force. Unfortunately, they didn't put enough distance on the scoreboard, and Miami's rushing attack ran away with a victory.

11th - Duke Blue Devils - 5-2 (ACC 1-2)

Previous: @ Virginia (2-5); Blue Devils WIN 35-22

Next Opponent: 10/26 @ Virginia Tech (6-1)

Prediction: VT 27-13

DUUUUKE deserves some recognition after their come from behind victory over Virginia. The Blue Devils trailed at the half 22-7 but turned the game around in the 2nd and shut the Cavaliers out for the remainder of the game. Congrats.

12th - Syracuse Orange - 3-4 (ACC 1-2)

Previous: @ Georgia Tech (4-3); Orange LOSS 56-0

Next Opponent: BYE

Next week is a bye, and rightfully so.

13th - Virginia Cavaliers - 2-5 (ACC 0-3)

Previous: vs. Duke University (5-2); Cavaliers LOSS 35-22

Next Opponent: 10/26 vs. Georgia Tech (4-3)

Prediction: GT 31-21

After a somewhat promising start things are beginning to shake themselves out in Charlottesville.

14th - N.C. State Wolfpack - 3-3 (ACC 0-3)

Previous: BYE

Next Opponent: 10/26 @ Florida State (6-0)

Prediction: FSU 42-10

NC State with a week off to prepare heads down to Tallahassee with hopes to put up a fight against the second ranked team in the nation. Please don't take that sentence seriously.

Conference Notes:

ACC vs. SEC (2-2)

ACC vs. Big 10 (0-2)

ACC vs. Big 12 (1-0)

ACC vs. Pac-12 (0-2)

ACC vs. AAC (2-0)

ACC vs. Non-Conference Overall (34-10) Includes FCS*

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