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State of the U-nion

SOTU addresses Cane Nation.

Joel Auerbach

Thank you very much. Mrs. President Shalala, Mr. AD Blake James, Chris Yandle, Chris Freet, Amy Woodruff, staff, Coaches Golden, Larranaga and staff, Members of the State of the U website, distinguished site guests, and my fellow Canes fans  all across the land:


Let me begin today by saying to our men and women in uniform on every team, especially our # 7 ranked warriors on the gridiron I thank you. Canes Nation is very, very proud of you.

My duty tonight is to report on the State of the U, not the state of College Athletics in general but of our UM community, and to set forth our duties and responsibilities as fans of the greatest college program in the land.

The State of the U is very strong. Our football team is the healthiest it has been in 10 years. We are ranked 7th not only in the AP but also the BCS.  We have a top 5 recruiting class on the way, and a Coach we all believe in. Our student athletes have been mostly controversy free for 3 years running now.

Our basketball team too is very strong. Coach L and the players return as defending ACC Champions in both the regular season and ACC Tournament. We have a burgeoning top 15 class on the way and a couple of monster transfers that will make us a juggernaut yet again in the ever growing and powerful Atlantic Coast Conference.

In fact all of our teams and student athletes make me proud.

Furthermore, our leadership teams and coaches deserve the utmost credit in handling the Shapiro controversy these past long three years with dignity and aplomb.

It seems we can now finally move forward.  No longer can opposing coaches hold the looming NCAA investigation over us in recruiting wars.

However, we must answer here three fundamental questions: First, how do we make sure to never encounter these issues again?  How can we continue the tradition of this fine academic institution? And how can we shut up those rowdy FSU fans November 2nd?

We know the NCAA does not have all the answers. We know there's not a program with out a problem. But it is up to us and our leadership to solve our own problems within. The right people are in place.  And oh yeah we have the most passionate fan base going, regardless of what the folks in Tallahassee think.

We must go forward as one fan base, one fan base working together to meet the challenges we face together on and off the field.

Canes Nation,  kicking FSU's ass will be all that much sweeter if we stick together.  Just as overcoming the NCAA was.


My sincere apologies to all of our founding fathers and Commander-in-Chiefs for this post.  Hope it was enjoyed though.