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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Wake Forest Edition

Miami won again, but it sure wasn't easy or pretty.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

What went right,  what went wrong, and everything in between against Wake Forest.  Also team grades and game ball.

The Good:

Surviving!!  Duke Johnson found the end zone twice in the 4th quarter and Antonio Crawford sealed it with a late INT as UM just barely held off Wake 24-21.

This team has guts.

Clive Walford's one-handed grab in closing minutes of the second quarter was as good as it gets.  It really energized the crowd and the 'Canes.

Johnson's stiff arm remains one of the most underrated weapons in college football.

Stacy Coley's 4th quarter 44 yard, juggling catch would have made Lynn Swann proud.

Hey, if you hadn't heard,  that NCAA thing is over!

Before the season started, how 'Canes fans would have taken  7-0 record heading into FSU week with out hesitation or complaint?!?!

The Bad:

Defensively, the tackling has been very sub par of late. The pass rush is too inconsistent as well. Tanner Price was able to break contain far too often and find open receivers underneath or down field.

The 44 yard 4th quarter catch and run to pay dirt by Dominique Gibson was a complete breakdown.

How do you lose Michael Campanaro on 4th down?

Stephen Morris continues to overshoot high on some passes.

This team has a bad habit of starting out slow.

The Ugly:

Wake Forest's opening drive was a nickel and dime Hell.

Game Ball goes to: Duke Johnson (30 carries 168 yards 2 TDs)  is the heart and soul of this squad.

Team grades:

Offense: C Miami's offensive line has not been the same the past 2 games.  They need to find their nasty streak in a hurry.  Herb Waters and Coley had a few big catches, and Asante Cleveland got some looks, but the 'Canes clearly missed Phillip Dorsett.   Can we see more looks to  Walford please?   All he does is make big plays.

Defense: C- The open field  tackling will need to improve in a hurry if Hurricanes want to challenge what's they'll face next week.  They did do a decent job stopping the run though.   Where has the vaunted pass rush gone?  Are wide line splits really that hard to adjust to?

Special Teams: C- Two penalties on 2 kick off returns put the offense in holes.  Matt Goudis missed a FG as well.