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ACC Power Rankings: Week 9

We’ll be providing our readers with game recaps and predictions of what lies ahead for each member of the conference. We’ll also be listing any pertinent information for each team including injury news, roster updates, and the like.

Mike Ehrmann

The State of the U proceeds with our weekly Atlantic Coast Conference power rankings. Who can prove to be a top tier team in a conference of evenly matched opponents that trade victories each year? Which teams are making strides towards the illustrious ACCCG? How many C's is too many C's? All these questions and more will be answered with our evaluation of the conference power rankings.

1st - Florida St. Seminoles - 7-0 (ACC 5-0)

Previous: vs. N.C. State (3-4); Seminoles WIN 49-17

Next Opponent: 11/2 vs. Miami (7-0)

Prediction: Miami 31-28

The Seminoles made quick work of an underwhelming NC State squad that had once given Clemson a run for their ‘2nd place in the Atlantic' money. For Wolfpack fans (and Miami viewers) this game quickly became unwatchable in the 1st quarter. Florida State is surely playing the part of the top dog in the ACC and this week they'll have an opportunity to cement that spot as the GameDay crew makes their way to Doak Campbell.

2nd - Miami Hurricanes - 7-0 (ACC 3-0)

Previous: vs. Wake Forest (4-4); Hurricanes WIN 24-21

Next Opponent: 11/2 @ Florida State (7-0)

Prediction: Miami 31-28

It's all a façade. Miami is playing poorly to lure Florida State into a trap. Saturday the Hurricanes will come out playing smash mouth defense and Stephen Morris will air raid FSU defenders into oblivion. It's beautiful, it's inspiring. To think this was the plan all along. You're a dangerous man Al Golden. Run for the hills Jimbo, this is simply not fair.

3rd - Clemson Tigers - 7-1 (ACC 5-1)

Previous: @ Maryland (5-3); Tigers WIN 40-27

Next Opponent: 11/2 @ Virginia (2-6)

Prediction: Clemson 35-17

Clemson, you're becoming dangerously self-destructive at this point. The score doesn't properly represent this game in the slightest. It was weird, and somewhat confusing, like when your girlfriend's mother slips you a kiss, and you realize her tongue was rougher than you imagined.

4th - Virginia Tech Hokies - 6-2 (ACC 3-1)

Previous: vs. Duke University (6-2); Hokies LOSS 13-10

Next Opponent: 11/2 @ Boston College (3-4)

Prediction: VT 27-21

YOU LOST TO DUKE. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wait, we play Duke, right?

5th - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - 5-3 (ACC 4-2)

Previous: @ Virginia (2-6); Yellow Jackets WIN 35-25

Next Opponent: 11/2 vs. Pittsburgh (4-3)

Prediction: GT 35-24

It wasn't the thrashing the Yellow Jackets had put on Syracuse last week, but it's a solid conference win against a lowly opponent that has been known to upset.

6th - Duke Blue Devils - 6-2 (ACC 2-2)

Previous: @ Virginia Tech (6-2); Blue Devils WIN 13-10

Next Opponent: BYE

Congratulations Duke, you now have the attention of the ACC. This is your second consecutive bowl eligible season and this year no one expected you to do it. Sorry that I'm still forced to place you under Virginia Tech, but there's plenty of time to make up for your early losses to Georgia Tech and Pitt.

7th - Maryland Terrapins - 5-3 (ACC 1-3)

Previous: vs. Clemson (7-1); Terrapins LOSS 40-27

Next Opponent: BYE

8th - Wake Forest Demon Deacons - 4-4 (ACC 2-3)

Previous: @ Miami (7-0); Demon Deacons LOSS 24-21

Next Opponent: 11/2 @ Syracuse (3-4)

Prediction: WF 28-24

Wake Forest, your offensive line-splits angered me. So did the ref's spotting of the ball each time you came within yards of the first down marker. Watching this game the second time around featured far more fast-forwarding than I would normally find acceptable.

9th - Pittsburgh Panthers - 4-3 (ACC 2-2)

Previous: @ Navy Midshipmen (4-3); Panthers LOSS 24-21

Next Opponent: 11/2 @ Georgia Tech (5-3)

Prediction: GT 35-24

Pitt, what are you doing to yourself?

10th - North Carolina Tar Heels - 2-5 (ACC 1-3)

Previous: vs. Boston College (3-4); Tar Heels WIN 34-10

Next Opponent: 11/2 @ NC State (3-4)

Prediction: UNC 31-21

In a way, North Carolina's big win over Boston College makes Miami look better. Not really, but oh well. This was a huge victory by the Tar Heels. Next week UNC faces off against in-state rival NC State which will surely be a good one.

11th - Boston College Eagles - 3-4 (ACC 1-3)

Previous: @ North Carolina (2-5); Eagles LOSS 34-10

Next Opponent: 11/2 vs. Virginia Tech (6-2)

Prediction: VT 27-21

BEAT V-TECH, maybe?

12th - Syracuse Orange - 3-4 (ACC 1-2)

Previous: BYE

Next Opponent: vs. Wake Forest (4-4)

Prediction: WF 28-24

13th - Virginia Cavaliers - 2-6 (ACC 0-4)

Previous: vs. Georgia Tech (5-3); Cavaliers LOSS 35-25

Next Opponent: 11/2 vs. Clemson (7-1)

Prediction: Clemson 35-17

14th - N.C. State Wolfpack - 3-4 (ACC 0-4)

Previous: @ Florida State (7-0); Wolfpack LOSS 49-17

Next Opponent: 11/2 vs. North Carolina (2-5)

Prediction: UNC 31-21

Conference Notes:

ACC vs. SEC (2-2)

ACC vs. Big 10 (0-2)

ACC vs. Big 12 (1-0)

ACC vs. Pac-12 (0-2)

ACC vs. AAC (2-0)

ACC vs. Non-Conference Overall (34-11) Includes FCS*

For more highlight videos from the Atlantic Coast Conference, head over to the ACC Digital Network on YouTube.