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FLA Power Rankings Week 9: It's TIME!!

Miami plays Florida State in this weeks upcoming blockbuster match but who do the rest of the Sunshine State play? Check out the article below!

Sam Greenwood

How the Teams are Rated

The rankings of each team are based on weekly performances as well as their overall results from the current season. A team may have more talent than another on the list but if they're not getting wins and putting up solid statistics, they won't be rated higher.

1 - FSU 7-0 (5-0), Last Weeks Rank - 1

Week 9 Opponent: 49 - 17 Win verse NC State

Week 10 Opponent: Miami (FLA), 8 p.m., ABC

Comments from Week 9:

Well ..(pause)... I think the only thing that needs to be stated is that FSU hung 35 points in the first quarter on the Wolfpack. They put up gaudy numbers mostly in the first half as they slowed the pace down and ran in the second due to the game being in hand. Jameis Winston is awesome and his supporting cast is stellar. Could this team run the rankings from wire to wire? We'll have to see but they sure as heck are rolling right now.

The Canes are coming to town riding their own winning streak as well. Although, not looking nearly as impressive as FSU has. You never know what can take shape in these interstate, inter conference rivalry games. I guess that's why they play the game.

2 - University of Central Florida 6-1, (3-0), Last Weeks Rank - 3

Week 9 Opponent: 62 - 17 Win verse UCONN

Week 10: Bye Week

Comments from Week 9:

Just like FSU, UCF steamrolled another Div 1A team last weekend. This time it was lowly UCONN. Winless and Head Coachless, UCONN mentally checked out. By the start of the second half many starters were already on the bench celebrating for the Knights as this game turned into a laugher.

Look for the Knights to keep it rolling through their bye week as they take on the Houston Cougars coming out of the break. It'll be an interesting matchup as both teams currently sit tied in the Big Eas... Errr, the AAC.

3 - University of Miami 7-0, (3-0), Last Weeks Rank - 2

Week 9 Opponent: 24 - 21 Win verse Wake Forest

Week 10 Opponent: @ FSU, 8 p.m., ABC

Comments from Week 9:

You know.. I thought I was going to make this move last week. Dropping the Canes a peg in our rankings that is; but I said to myself "self, they played in a tough environment against a desperate team and they'll turn the cruise ship in a better direction next week." Well, Miami stayed in their funk against Wake in the dreaded "nooner" time slot last weekend. I give Wake credit, their offense is maddeningly efficient (7-7 to start on third downs... really?) and their defense was effective against a struggling Canes passing attack. In the end I think Miami just "out talented" the Demon Deacons in the fourth quarter by just running the ball down their throats to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for a second straight week (I don't count GT, we were tied at half).

Now they go against a surging FSU team that seems to be unstoppable. However, you can never know what's going to happen in rivalry games so we'll have to stay tuned on this one.

4 - University of Florida 4-3, (3-2), Last Weeks Rank - 3

Week 9: Bye Week

Week 10 Opponent: Georgia (Neutral Site, Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium), 3:30 p.m., CBS

Comments from Week 9:

You know what's great about SBN? We're all volunteers here and we try our darndest to write great articles for all our fellow fans. Check this article out by our compatriots over at Alligator Army breaking down the last few years of UF football and why they believe Muschamp should be retained for at least one more season.

Many in the Gator community believe this upcoming rivalry game with UGA is a must win for Muschamp but I just can't see how. The talent on the roster can best be described as dilapidated at the skill positions on offense and the defense is really starting to feel the hit of the injuries they've sustained throughout the course of the year.  Georgia comes in with a similar injury issue as well but they have a field General in Aaron Murray whereas the Gators are on their second string Quarterback who has trended downward in his last few games stats wise. Good luck Gators, you're going to need it.

5 - Florida Atlantic 2-6, (1-4), Last Weeks Rank - 6

Week 9 Opponent: 45 - 10 Loss to Auburn

Week 10 Opponent: Tulane, 5 p.m.(?)

Comments from Week 9:

Out classed. The Owls had no answers for Gus Malzahn and his fast paced, high octane offense. Auburn had 38 points by half time and coasted the remainder of the game. Late in the game they actually were able to put their third string Quarterback in, that's how "over" it got.

Their next opponent is not any less of a skilled challenger as they play the 6-2 Tulane Green Wave (??). The son of Joe Montana, Nick, was having a breakout season for Tulane until he was injured and now Freshman Devin Powell has taken up the reigns for the last few games and kept the torch lit for Tulane on their very bright season.

6 - South Florida 2-5 (2-1), Last Weeks Rank - 5

Week 9: 34 - 3 Loss to Louisville

Week 10 Opponent: @ Houston, 7 p.m., Thursday Night on ESPN

Comments from Week 9:

Overwhelmed. That's what the Bulls were last weekend in Kentucky. Teddy Bridgewater and crew crushed USF and there were no late touchdowns given up by the Cardinals like in the Miami game for USF to take solace in. They were demolished, through and through.

Next on the schedule? The 6-1 Cougars. Gewww.. What could be scary is this game could be WORSE than the smack down Louisville just handed them. Houston runs an "air raid" offense that uses passing for everything. Need to run? They'll just throw screens to the wide outs. Need to pass deep? Chuck it long!!

7 - Florida International 1-6 (1-2), Last Weeks Rank - 7

Week 9 Opponent: 23 - 7 Loss to Louisiana Tech

Week 10 Opponent: ECU, 6 p.m.

Week 9 Comments:

Yea... The Panthers are probably going to stay in the cellar for a long time this year. I think the best way to monitor some semblance of progress is to just keep track on their stats. Here we go:

(All per game)

Week 9 Ranks

Passing Yards: 114th

Rushing Yards: 121st

Points Scored: 124th

Points Allowed: 113th

Sorry i forgot this last week. Here's the updated tracker!!