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FLA Power Rankings Week 6: Everyone is a Winner (seriously)

Well.. Everyone pulled out the W in their matchup this week, probably some type of record.. Read on to see who WON their games and who's opponents simply were worse than them.

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How the Teams are Rated

The rankings of each team are based on weekly performances as well as their overall results from the current season. A team may have more talent than another on the list but if they're not getting wins and putting up solid statistics, they won't be rated higher.

1 - FSU 5-0 (3-0), Last Weeks Rank - 1

Week 6 Opponent: 63 - 0 Win verse Maryland

Week 7: Bye Week

Comments from Week 6:

Well, damn. So... That happened on National TV.. The Noles are rolling right now and look really good, almost insurmountable. They played a streaking Maryland team who already had a decent win under their belt (beat WVu) and the Noles made them look like Salisbury University (D3 team near OC MD). I guess Maryland does Crab Cakes and are still working on the whole football thing...

FSU has a bye week before they play Clemson at 8 p.m. on ABC in two Saturdays. If I were a betting man (which I'm not, I leave that to John Pickens) I'd surmise that the Noles will be scheming on how to slow down Clemson, if that's at all possible. Coach Swinney and Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris like their offensive tempo to be at a break neck speed. Bring your pop corn folks. It looks to be a good'en.

2 - University of Miami 5-0, (1-0), Last Weeks Rank - 2

Week 6 Opponent: 45 - 30 Win verse Georgia Tech

Week 7: Bye Week

Comments from Week 6:

This game was bizarre in a way. Miami was able to dominate on the field (unless you ask the announcers who are probably still stammering about "gamers" and "time of possession") both on offense and defense. The Canes had a few turnovers which allowed GT to stay in the game and UM had a bit of trouble at first handling the pitch on the triple option. In the end however, UM pulled away until a garbage time score by the third string Quarterback for the Ramblin' Wreck pulled them within 15 points.

The Canes also have a bye this week and play the North Carolina Tar Heels next Thursday night on ESPN. This will be a test for the Canes because it will be the first time they will travel outside of the state of Florida. Oh, it's also an in-conference game against a reeling, dangerous team who need a victory or their season will be essentially over.

3 - University of Florida 4-1, (3-0), Last Weeks Rank - 3

Week 6 Opponent: 30 - 10 Win verse Arkansas

Week 7 Opponent: @ #10 LSU, 3:30 on CBS

Comments from Week 6:

No lie, one of the main reasons I watched this games was because I wanted to see how Alex Collins would do against a top 10 defense for the Razorbacks and he didn't disappoint. Oh, the possibilities of what could have been if he would have joined the Canes.. Anyways, back to the Gators!!

This is becoming a broken record but it must be pointed out.. The Gators are going to run the ball until they flatten their opponents. With Driskel out they protected their new starting Quarterback, Tyler Murphy by running the ball 41 times and throwing just 22 times. Of those 22 attempts though, they were able to grab three touchdowns so through the air the Gators had to be pleased with the results, this game.

Their next opponent is in a different stratosphere than any team Florida has played this year (yes, including Miami) so we'll really see what they're made of. UF is off to Baton Rouge to play the Justin Bieber err, sorry the Zach Mettenberger led LSU Tigers.

4 - University of Central Florida 4-1, (1-0), Last Weeks Rank - 4

Week 6 Opponent: 24 - 17 Win @ Memphis

Week 7: Bye Week

Comments from Week 6:

Call last week against Memphis a letdown post South Carolina or a look ahead game to their next opponent (Louisville after the bye week) but the Knights got the W. Blake Bortles passed for a little less than a 50% completion percentage (17-36) but he didn't have any turnovers which was key because Memphis had three interceptions and two fumbles that cost them this game. The Tigers were beating UCF into the fourth quarter but two of the fumbles were returned for touchdowns and that was the difference in the game.

As mentioned previously, UCF plays Louisville in two weeks which will be both teams' season due to the ineffectiveness of their Conference (AAC) and no quality out of conference games left on their schedules. UCF is relatively healthy heading into their bye so they'll work on making sure they can try and stop Teddy Bridgewater and company through the air when the two sides clash.

5 - Florida Atlantic 2-4, (1-3), Last Weeks Rank - 5

Week 6 Opponent: 37 - 23 Win verse UAB

Week 7 Opponent: Marshall, 5 p.m.

Week 6 Comments:

I don't care who you are or who you play, gaining almost 600 yards against any opponent is impressive and that's what the Owls did against UAB last weekend. Jaquez Johnson has settled back into the starting Quarterback position nicely after his injury, he put up 299 yards through the air, 105 on the ground and had a total of three touchdowns on the day. FAU's running back also chipped in with 117 yards rushing so in the end they had a very nice day on offense.

With their next matchup coming against Marshall we'll see if the team can keep up their above average play. They haven't played badly in their last few contests since ceasing the quarterback by committee approach but they've had a little bad luck in the turnover battles. Those negative plays have held them back when it comes to pulling out ever elusive victories.

6 - Florida International 1-4 (1-0), Last Weeks Rank - 7

Week 6 Opponent: 24 - 23 Win verse Southern Miss

Week 7 Opponent: UAB, 7:30 p.m.

Week 6 Comments:

As of this very moment, you are looking at the Conference USA - East Division leaders (let that sink in for a second)... Okay, so it's only been one game but hey, they're 1-0 in their conference! So there's that, right!?

Their next opponent is UAB so we'll see if they can make it two Florida teams in two weeks to beat the Blazers.

7 - South Florida 1-4 (1-0), Last Weeks Rank - 6

Week 6 opponent: 26 - 20 Win verse Cincinnati

Week 7 Opponent: @ UCONN, 12 p.m., ESPN3

Week 6 Comments:

Sometimes you don't win games, your opponent beats themselves. That's exactly what happened this week to the oh-so fortunate Bulls. Their starting Quarterback and Running Back (Steven Bench and Marcus Shaw) both got hurt early in the game but it didn't matter. USF had a blocked kicked returned for a touchdown, a ten yard fumble return touchdown (!) and two picks on top of that to help setup key field position for makeable field goals (their kicker went 4-4).

UCONN is 0-4 and just about a week ago fired their Head Coach so we'll see how they come out of their two week bye. Will they be fired up and super focused? Or will they be ready to fold up their tent and go home post kickoff? We'll have to see!