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The Short-Lived Return of Eddie Johnson

Per assistant AD Chris Yandle and associate AD Chris Fleet, Eddie Johnson will not be returning to Miami.


After a post made via Facebook from the former Miami Hurricanes linebacker, rumors began swirling around social media about the possibility of Johnson returning to the University of Miami.

While the return is both embraced and highly debated among the ‘Canes community, EJ's past, which brought about his departure, is likely the main factor for the talented LB to not be returning in 2014.

For those not familiar with the situation, Eddie Johnson departed the University back in March and had transferred to Hinds Community College in Jackson, Mississippi. Since then, it is also believed Johnson has left the Hinds football team as well.

We here at State of the U wish only the best for Johnson and look forward to watching him develop as a player, as well as a person.