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ACC Power Rankings: Week 10

We’ll be providing our readers with game recaps and predictions of what lies ahead for each member of the conference. We’ll also be listing any pertinent information for each team including injury news, roster updates, and the like.

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The State of the U proceeds with our weekly Atlantic Coast Conference power rankings. Who can prove to be a top tier team in a conference of evenly matched opponents that trade victories each year? Which teams are making strides towards the illustrious ACCCG? How many C's is too many C's? All these questions and more will be answered with our evaluation of the conference power rankings.

1st - Florida St. Seminoles - 8-0 (ACC 6-0)

Previous: vs. Miami (7-1); Seminoles WIN 41-14

Next Opponent: 11/9 @ Wake Forest (4-5)

Prediction: FSU 49-14

Florida State you now reign supreme. The trophy is not yet in hand, but you are undoubtedly the best the Atlantic Coast Conference has to offer. Make no mistake, Florida State is an awesome, awesome football team and is clearly worthy of having National Title game implications. They became the torchbearer of the ACC after their huge win over Clemson and they've done nothing but continue to impress since. This is a team that as fans of the ACC we can hang our hats on, and wish only the best to, ACC Championship game aside.

2nd - Clemson Tigers - 8-1 (ACC 6-1)

Previous: @ Virginia (2-7); Tigers WIN 59-10

Next Opponent: BYE

Clemson, the 2nd place spot is yours. Take it, we didn't want it anyway. You could make the argument that Miami played a tougher game against FSU, but unlike Miami, Clemson has been blowing out its lesser opponents.

3rd - Miami Hurricanes - 7-1 (ACC 3-1)

Previous: @ Florida State (8-0); Hurricanes LOSS 41-14

Next Opponent: 11/9 vs. Virginia Tech (6-3)

Prediction: Miami 31-21

AS A HURRICANE FAN THERE IS NO TIME TO RELAX WHEN ACC GAMES ARE STILL ON THE SCHEDULE. Ahem... Virginia Tech may have lost to Duke, and then [redacted] the bed against BC, but this game is no cakewalk for Miami. The Hurricanes defense will be tasked with playing lights out with Duke Johnson out of the lineup, and an inconsistent Stephen Morris. Last week's FSU game could very well be a turning point for Miami's defense. It was hard-fought rivalry games that bred the great Hurricanes players of the past, and the FSU game left plenty to learn from.

4th - Duke Blue Devils - 6-2 (ACC 2-2)

Previous: BYE

Next Opponent: 11/9 vs. NC State (3-5)

Prediction: Duke 31-27

So long Va-Tech, the Blue Devils have taken their rightful place above the Hokies. Duke may be .500 in the ACC, but their early domination of the OOC opponents (4-0) and an upset of Virginia Tech has propelled them out from the riffraff of the mid-lower ACC teams and up to more respectable ranks.

5th - Virginia Tech Hokies - 6-3 (ACC 3-2)

Previous: @ Boston College (4-4); Hokies LOSS 27-34

Next Opponent: 11/9 @ Miami Hurricanes (7-1)

Prediction: Miami 31-21

Disappointment. What more is there to say?

6th - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - 6-3 (ACC 5-2)

Previous: vs. Pittsburgh (4-4); Yellow Jackets WIN 21-10

Next Opponent: BYE

Georgia Tech takes the weekend off to prepare for their Thursday night showdown with Clemson the following week.

7th - Maryland Terrapins - 5-3 (ACC 1-3)

Previous: BYE

Next Opponent: 11/9 vs. Syracuse (4-5)

Prediction: MD 21-17

Coming off a bye week where their upcoming opponent Syracuse shutout Wake, Maryland will be looking to put plenty of scores on the board to keep this from being a tight battle in New York.

8th - Boston College Eagles - 4-4 (ACC 2-3)

Previous: vs. Virginia Tech (6-2); Eagles WIN 34-27

Next Opponent: 11/9 @ New Mexico St. Aggies (1-8)

Prediction: BC 35-13

Boston College you are a very unpredictable ACC adversary. Good to see you play FSU hard and notch a win over Virginia Tech, but glad your unpredictability is not on Miami's slate.

9th - North Carolina Tar Heels - 3-5 (ACC 2-3)

Previous: @ NC State (3-5); Tar Heels WIN 27-19

Next Opponent: 11/9 vs. Virginia (2-7)

Prediction: UNC 28-17

Tar Heels with a solid win over in-state rival NC State. This will keep Tar Heel fans happy for the meantime, but bowl eligibility is still a must, especially with Duke being the front runner of the state.

10th - Pittsburgh Panthers - 4-4 (ACC 2-3)

Previous: @ Georgia Tech (6-3); Panthers LOSS 21-10

Next Opponent: 11/9 vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-2)

Prediction: ND 27-21

This worked for BC last week, let's hope it'll do the same for Pitt. BEAT THOSE HOLTZ.

11th - Syracuse Orange - 4-4 (ACC 2-2)

Previous: vs. Wake Forest (4-4); Orange WIN 13-0

Next Opponent: 11/9 @ Maryland Terrapins (5-3)

Prediction: MD 21-17

The Syracuse defense stifled Wake Forest this past weekend. They'll need another effort like the past week's for a victory over the Terrapins.

12th - Wake Forest Demon Deacons - 4-5 (ACC 2-4)

Previous: @ Syracuse (3-4); Demon Deacons LOSS 13-0

Next Opponent: 11/9 vs. Florida State (8-0)

Prediction: FSU 49-14

Syracuse shutout Wake, Miami fans shutout this game. Why?

13th - N.C. State Wolfpack - 3-5 (ACC 0-5)

Previous: vs. North Carolina (2-5); Wolfpack LOSS 27-19

Next Opponent: 11/9 @ Duke University (6-2)

Prediction: Duke 31-27

0-5 in the Atlantic Coast Conference, NC State hopes for their first conference win as they travel to Durham.

14th - Virginia Cavaliers - 2-7 (ACC 0-5)

Previous: vs. Clemson (8-1); Cavaliers LOSS 59-10

Next Opponent: 11/9 @ North Carolina Tar Heels (3-5)

Prediction: UNC 28-17

Despite ranking dead last in the ACC Power Rankings, the Cavaliers still provide a potential for upset. #GOACC

Conference Notes:

ACC vs. SEC (2-2)

ACC vs. Big 10 (0-2)

ACC vs. Big 12 (1-0)

ACC vs. Pac-12 (0-2)

ACC vs. AAC (2-0)

ACC vs. Non-Conference Overall (34-11) Includes FCS*

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