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FLA Power Ranks Week 10: A Race to the Bottom

How did the Sunshine Seven do this weekend? Check out the breakdown after the jump!

Carl Pelini was relieved of his duties as FAU's Head Coach last week due to possible drug use from earlier in the season
Carl Pelini was relieved of his duties as FAU's Head Coach last week due to possible drug use from earlier in the season
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How the Teams are Rated

The rankings of each team are based on weekly performances as well as their overall results from the current season. A team may have more talent than another on the list but if they're not getting wins and putting up solid statistics, they won't be rated higher.

1 - FSU 8-0 (6-0), Last Weeks Rank - 1

Week 10 Opponent: 41 - 14 Win over Miami

Week 11 Opponent: @ Wake Forest, 12 p.m., ABC

Comments from Week 10:

The old saying goes "don't count your chickens before they hatch" but I think it's safe say FSU has clear sailing to the ACC Championship game. They were able to simply overwhelm Miami with their talent and won by 27. What's crazy is, in theory, Miami was probably their stiffest competition left on the schedule. This is good and bad. It's good because they should be able to win their remaining games handily. It's not beneficial because they can't gain anymore signature wins to show the media and the BCS polls they are a legitimate contender for the National Championship. Unless Oregon or Alabama stumbles, we may not be able to see the Noles leap frog either of these teams. Ohio State is in the same boat as FSU so I won't even bring them up (B1G is horrid this year).

Their next opponent is Wake Forest. The only thing stopping the Noles right now is themselves. Last week Jameis Winston showed the world he's mortal (threw 1 touchdown and two picks) but the fact that his supporting cast is stellar makes this team all the more impressive. Next week's game is during the dreaded "nooner" time slot so we'll see if the Noles have a hangover post the rivalry victory.

2 - University of Central Florida 6-1, (3-0), Last Weeks Rank - 2

Week 10: Bye Week

Week 11: Houston, 7 p.m., ESPN2

Comments from Week 10:

You know, if you look at the American Athletic Conferences (formerly the Big East) standings you wouldn't think it's in that bad of shape competition wise, at first glance. Currently UCF leads with a 6-1 record as well as 3-0 in conference play. Houston has the same in-conference record as well as boasting an overall record of 7-1. Lastly you have Louisville and Cincinnati sitting at 3-1 in-conference play as well so not too bad. However, the bottom four teams are putrid. They are Temple at 1-8, Memphis at 1-6, UCONN at 0-7 and USF at 2-6.. Gew.

The logjam at the top could become a little more clear this weekend as UCF hosts the Houston Cougars. I watched "The Cougs" last week verse USF and didn't come away impressed. USF lost that game more than Houston won (more details to be discussed later). They'll have to bring a better game plan to beat the disciplined and gritty UCF Knights.

3 - University of Miami 7-1, (3-1), Last Weeks Rank - 3

Week 10 Opponent: 41 - 14 Loss @ FSU

Week 11 Opponent: Virginia Tech, 7 p.m., ESPN

Comments from Week 10:

What else to say about the game that we already haven't covered.. Well, Miami has more wins than the three NFL teams in the State of Florida, COMBINED. Bam, how ‘bout them apples!

This next game actually should mean a lot to the fans of Miami. Not because it's an in-conference game or a team Miami needs to beat to stay in the chase for the bid to represent the Coastal in the ACC Championship game. No, this game is important to Miami because it will show how far they've come mentally under the tutelage of Al Golden. Previous Miami teams would come out lethargic and lackadaisical due to the fact that they lost last week and maybe, just maybe, didn't focus enough on their next opponent. If they come out slow against VT it could be a long day for Dallas Crawford and the boys. Here's to you coach, hope you can show the fan base this team is mature and ready to go post the loss to FSU!

4 - University of Florida 4-3, (3-2), Last Weeks Rank - 4

Week 10: 23 - 20 Loss to Georgia

Week 11 Opponent: Georgia (Neutral Site, Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium), 3:30 p.m., CBS

Comments from Week 10:

Does Florida have anything and I mean ANYTHING left in the tank? Today they lost their starting guard-turned-right-tackle-turned-left -tackle to a season ending injury on his motor scooter. The guys over at Alligator Army hit the nail on the head post this breaking news. The injury bug isn't simply biting the Gators, it's devouring the team one player and one week at a time.

The Gators simply started too slow against the Bulldogs. It doesn't matter who you play really, if you give up the first 20 points, trying to claw back from that deficit is almost impossible. Throw in that this is a bitter rivalry between the two schools and the fact that your offense is ranked 109th in passing and 73rd in rushing, you're in trouble.

Looking ahead to the Vandy game, this tilt really is the make or break game for the season and maybe even Coach Muschamp's tenure as head coach of the team. After this game they have two extremely tough games at South Carolina and hosting FSU. Between those two opponents they play Georgia Southern which SHOULD be a win but again, the game to look at is this weekend. If UF wins they could end up 6-6 and go to a bowl game. However, if they lose this weekend, 5-7 doesn't get them to a bowl which snaps a long streak of appearances they've held.

5 - Florida Atlantic 3-6, (2-4), Last Weeks Rank - 5

Week 10 Opponent: 34 - 17 Win verse Tulane

Week 11 Opponent: @ Southern Mississippi, 12:30 p.m.

Comments from Week 10:

SooooOOoo.. FAU's Head Coach Carl Pelini got fired last week for reportedly using controlled substances as well as Marijuana at atleast one social event earlier in the year. Yea, there's that little thing, no big deal.. Combine that with the fact that FAU was playing a red hot Tulane team (?) and this week could have been a bloodletting on the field for the Owls. Nope, the Owls played infront of their home crowd (whoever decided to show up) and forced 4 turnovers as well as held the Green Wave to a measely 167 total yards which is downright dominant. I guess they took their frustration out on the guys from Louisiana.

FAU now turns their steely glare towards the hapless and helpless Golden Eagles of Southern Mississippi who are a poultry (pun intended) 0-8. Could FAU make it two in a row? You'll have to see! Wait, you can't because they won't be on T.V.. Oh, awkward.. (looking down and away).

6 - South Florida 2-6 (2-2), Last Weeks Rank - 6

Week 10 Opponent: 35 - 23 Loss @ Houston

Week 11: Bye Week

Comments from Week 10:

Readers, I want you to know.. I try really hard to catch as many Florida teams as possible each week so that I can give you the best breakdowns. Last week watching USF really tried my patience. Get this, USF had 19 penalties (!!!!!) for 170 yards (!!!!!!!!) and STILL had 364 total yards on offense. Essentially what happened on literally every drive (I do mean literally) they would have a false start or illegal motion then a negative play and on third down they'd either get a huge chunk play or have to punt it away. They played a true freshman at QB and it was readily apparent. He never let his lineman or skill positions set in their positions for more than one second (I guess he was nervous?) which led to illegal motion "not being set for more than one second" penalties... ALL NIGHT. It was awful. I do it for you, readers.

They have a bye this week so they can work on everything. I don't think I could handle watching them this weekend..

7 - Florida International 1-6 (1-2), Last Weeks Rank - 7

Week 10 Opponent: 34 - 13 Loss to ECU

Week 11 Opponent: @ Middle Tennessee State, 4 p.m.

Week 10 Comments:

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Offense/Defense Ranks

Week 9

Week 10

Passing Yards/Game


114th (=)

Rushing Yards/Game


119th (+2)

Points For/Game


125th (-1)

Pointes Against/Game


109th (+4)

*There are 126 teams in Div. 1A