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Schnellie Bowl or Teddy Bowl???

Miami's December 28th Russell Athletic Showdown with Louisville is ripe with subplots

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the most important aspect of the Hurricanes bowl birth is the extra practices the young team will get as a result.

Additionally a win would likely vault them into next season as a ranked squad.

But enough with the practicality.

This game has more history, twists and turns, and juicy plot lines then the final seasons of Breaking Bad and the Sopranos combined.

First and foremost, the teams share the same founding father, in Howard Schnellenberger.

Schnellie led the 'Canes program back from the dead (41-16 mark in 5 season 1984 National Championship as if you didn't know) and built the foundation of a dynasty.

But how many 'Canes fans remember that he returned to his hometown Louisville in 1985 and brought back a program that was in worse shape then the 'Canes prior to his arrival?  While his record in 9 season with the Cardinals is right around 500, by the time he was finished they had regained respectability and had even posted a 10 win season (1990) and even won two bowl games.

If two programs have the same founding fathers,  that makes them brothers.

Ok maybe more like these brothers:

And if having such similar "blood lines" isn't enough, just look at the current Louisville roster.

15 players on the UL roster hail from South Florida, including Miami Northwestern stars Eli Rogers, Michaelee Harris, Corvin Lamb and Jermaine Reve.

And oh yeah, the potential #1 overall pick in next spring's NFL draft, Teddy Bridgewater, who once was a solid UM verbal commit,  yeah he hails from there too.

In fact Louisville Coach Charlie Strong makes no bones about it:

"Playing a quality opponent in Miami is great for us. We recruit that area heavily …"

And who helps Strong recruit the area more then anyone else?

Clint Hurtt, who was recruiting coordinator at Miami during several of the "bad" years for which the school received scholarship reductions and probation.

Given the three year investigation UM suffered through, Hurtt is not a very popular guy in the 305, show-cause or no show-cause.

And there's no doubt this game could have a big affect on recruiting.

Need more nuggets?   4 star defensive end Demetrius Jackson verbally decommitted  then recommitted to Miami yesterday.  Among the teams he was rumored to be flirting with..... you guessed it the Cardinals.

Not compelled yet?

Well Louisville just happens to be joining the ACC next season.  This bowl game could very well be Round 1 in a 10 year Heavyweight ACC Brawl.

For the record, Miami is 11-1 Vs Louisville all time, with the lone loss a 31-7 beat down in 2006.

But for my money the most memorable game in the series was 2004.....

(thanks CaneFreak2001)

Devin Hester you ARE ridiculous!!

So realize folks, not only are we getting a fantastic match-up and a preview of things to come on December 28, we are also getting a two for one football game/soap opera!