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DT Cory Johnson Will Be Taking An Official Visit To Miami This Weekend

The Kentucky commit is keeping his options open.

Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson

Brooklyn (N.Y.) ASA College 2014 DT Cory Johnson (6'3/285) will be taking an official visit to Coral Gables this Friday. He was originally scheduled to visit the Texas Tech this weekend, but Miami coaches were able to change his mind. The 4-star prospect still expects to take an official visit to Texas Tech some time this month.

Johnson is very familiar with Miami's Head Coach Al Golden, because he originally signed with him back when Golden coached at Temple.

"Originally, I signed with Al Golden," Johnson said. "I already know the coach, and I already have a bond with the coach."

The standout prospect currently has a top three of Kentucky, Miami and Texas Tech.

"Kentucky, as of right now is my strongest option," Johnson said. "I'm going out to see other schools.. but I haven't nowhere, so I'm going to see how that works out."

Junior College transfer will graduate from ASA this month, and he will be at his new school in January.

What is he looking for in a college? "Tradition, I don't really care about tradition it is just football," Johnson said. "Academics, I do want to get my degree, and I want it to be a good one. I want my [degree] to mean something, I don't just want to go somewhere because they have good football team. Basically, I just want to connect with my coaches and my fellow teammates and really enjoy the environment."

Will distance be a factor? "I mean, it kind of is," Johnson said. It's not to me, but it is big to my parents."