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Welcome To The U: The 2013 Recruiting Class Gets A Late Boost

National Signing Day ended last week, but the Canes were able to get a late addition to their class on Tuesday.

Ryheem Lockley

When Coach Carroll sends out his signature tweet, it's as if time stands still for Canes fans. Who did we get? Are they from the 2013 class, or an early addition for next year? Is it Player X, who I want badly?

In this case, it's Ryheem Lockley, a three star athlete with offers from Virginia, Virginia Tech, and WVU.He visited Miami the weekend before signing day:

He had more or less committed before NSD rolled around, but was looking like he was going to be counted towards the 2014 class due to grades. However, it appears that he will be able to get into this year's class, since Miami sent him an LOI, which he signed, on Tuesday. He played QB in high school, but projects better as a tight end or line backer at the college level. One thing is for sure, he's a big kid at 6'4" and around 220 pounds, and he runs like a gazelle.

Here's a look at his highlights

It is not immediately clear how or why the spot opened up, but it is assumed that after the misses from NSD, the Canes could take one more. Golden alluded to this in his press conference after all the recruits had signed. Congrats to the young man, and Welcome To The U!