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Welcome To The U: The Late NSD Additions Keep Coming With Corn Elder Picking Miami

Out of nowhere, literally, 4 star athlete Cornelius Elder tweeted that he had committed to Miami. The two were never really connected during the recruiting process, although Elder grew up as big a Miami fan as you can be.

NSD is over? I don't give a damn.
NSD is over? I don't give a damn.
Joel Auerbach

Looks like I'll have to update the 2013 Recruiting Class page once again. Al Golden continues to do work on the recruiting trail, regardless of the fact that NSD was a week ago. He don't care.

Our 2013 class got a second late blooming boost today with the news that 4 star dual-sport athlete Cornelius "Corn" Elder had committed to Miami. The recruit tweeted it out on his account:

Elder is a huge Miami fan, but the two sides never really hit it off since Miami was looking more for a power back type. Since they have found that in Gus Edwards, it seems that they reconnected with Elder to provide depth at the position. Take a look at his highlights, and you'll see why this is a great addition to the class:

Cornelius Elder Highlights (via Jeremy Lin)

There was a lot of conflicting information after he sent out his tweet, but it has since been confirmed by Brennan Carroll, which we all know is the best resource available for recruiting info.

Welcome to the U, Corn!