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Way too early 2014 Miami Mock Class

Everyone has been hyped about the ballyhooed 2014 signing class for years so let's have a little fun. Here's a look at my extremely early, in no way accurate, but exciting nonetheless look at what Miami's 2014 signing class could look like.

Sony Michel
Sony Michel

QB (0-1):

Alin Edouard

Barring something unforeseen (which is not at all uncommon at this early stage) Edouard looks to be Miami's 1 and only QB this cycle. In case something doesn't work out here, kids like Morgan Mahalak, Winky Flowers, AJ Bush, and a few others could get an extended look down the road.

RB (2-3):

Sony Michel

Dalvin Cook

Sony has always had a Cane disposition but the buzz lately is that he might want to leave home and UGA has their foot firmly in the door. Cook is a solid Clemson commit from what I am told but Miami has made him priority #1 for this class and could make this a race down the road. Others like FSU Commit Joseph Yearby (who might not be so solid after the Gran departure), Jonathan Hilliman (one of Miami's bigger NJ targets this cycle), and Tony James will all also be in the mix.

WR (3-5):

Ermon Lane

Johnnie Dixon

Travis Rudolph

Corey Holmes

Easily the deepest position for this cycle. Lane is Michael Barrow's cousin and given Miami's track record at Homestead over the years, you have to feel good about the chances there. Johnnie Dixon has been a big time early target and Rudolph is obviously already committed. Holmes picked up an offer a few weeks back and looks as likely as anyone else at this point. Tyre Brady, Adly Enoincy, Jacob McCrary, Steven Ishmael, Ryeshene Bronson and a slew of others will all get strong looks.

TE (1-2):

Austin Roberts

Roberts is a Cane legacy that played most of his HS ball at Tampa Plant. Miami is recruiting him for a position similar to the H-Back role that they had Travis Johnson pegged for a year ago. Bryce Dixon is another target they've been hot after for months but this looks like one of the least concerning spots after signing 3 in the 2013 class.

OL (4-6):

KC McDermott

Trevor Darling

Reilly Gibbons

Corey Martinez

Nick Linder

McDermott is obviously the brother of current Miami starting Center, Shane. He's not the Cane lock many assume but he does give off a similar vibe to the one Kevin Olsen did at this time last year and it's hard to see him elsewhere when the time comes. Darling is a solid Cane commit and an ideal flag bearer to this class is he stays solid, the way he has indicated he will. He's a huge Miami fan. Gibbons has visited Miami's campus 3 times already, more than any other program. Martinez is an FSU lean right now but Miami will get a fair shake and they are high on him. Linder is Brandon's brother and will likely end up here if/when Miami gives him a committable offer. Guys like Sam Mustipher, Garrett Brumfield, Alique Terry, and a few others are also in the mix and this could be a potentially elite offensive line class for Miami.

DE (2-3):

Chad Thomas

Keyon Brown

Miami has added plenty of edge guys over the last few classes with McCord, Hamilton, Hoilett, and Muhammed looking like they could be potential long term answers to some of the issues that have long plagued Miami. They are however, looking at add some more to the mix with stud pass rusher Keyon Brown being at the top of the board. Chad Thomas is also a huge priority for the Canes who are hoping to earn back some goodwill at Booker T. Lorenzo Carter is the biggest prize on Miami's board here but he's going to be an extremely tough pull.

DT (3-4):

Khiari Clark

Anthony Moten

Chris Nelson

Miami is hoping to hit a grand slam here after striking out in 2013. Clark is the big prize and looks to be a Cane lean early but they will have to fend off multiple programs in order to land him. Moten has visited Miami a few times and speaks highly of the staff. Nelson is a current UVA commit that has visited Miami twice recently and could be a potential flip candidate. Miami has also offered Andrew Brown, the #1 ranked DT in the nation but that seems like an extreme longshot. DeMarcus Christmas will also be recruited and other options will emerge down the line.

LB (4-5):

Dillion Bates

Vincent Jackson

Andrew Beck

Terry McCray

This might be the single toughest spot for Miami to recruit this cycle. Dillion Bates is a kid the coach like but he looks like the biggest longshot in my mock at the moment. McCray and Beck both picked up early Miami offers that have the Canes in the mix and Vincent Jackson has always been high on them as well. Former LSU commit Kain Daub was offered but looks like a FSU/Bama battle at the moment. This looks like one area that the coaches might have a look out of state for a little bit to land a true headliner.

CB (2-4):

Treon Harris

Chris Lammons

Nigel Patten

Harris has more Cane bloodlines than any other player in this class and although he wants to be a QB in college, it's tough to see him landing anywhere else but Miami at least at these early stages. Chris Lammons is already quoted as saying that he was close to committing to Miami a few days ago before he absolutely exploded with offers from FSU, UF, and Ohio State. Still, Miami seems like the early favorite here. Nigel Patten is the best pure DB out of Booker T this year and just picked up his Miami offer a couple of days ago. There's a chance Miami could try to revisit things with Rashard Robinson if he is not able to get into LSU for whatever reason. Jabrill Peppers is the fan favorite but Miami's chances took a massive hit when he left Don Bosco. Deion Hallmon, Quincy Wilson, Kendall Sawyer, and horde of others will also get strong looks here.

S (1-2):

Kiy Hester

Deion Singleton

Miami landed two elite ones in the 2013 class and thus are just looking to shore up the area that they hope will be a strength in the not too distant future. Hester looks like one of Miami's more notable out of state targets this early and is close friends with Quan Muhammed. Singleton, was offered by Miami way back last spring and one of the kids that largely goes unmentioned by most Miami fans. Many of the names being mentioned at CB, will also get a look here as well, with the most notable likely being Quincy Wilson.