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Media Day: 'Canes prepare for a trip to Clemson

The red-hot Miami Hurricanes basketball team looks to remain unbeaten in conference play as they storm Clemson to take on the Tigers on Sunday, at 6pm.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
First up, Julian Gamble stepped up to the podium and answered questions from the ever-growing pool of reporters. Gamble has embraced a leadership role both on and off the court for this 'Canes basketball team during his incredible senior season. Big Reggie Johnson was next up at the mic looking as focused as ever. After sitting out a month with a busted thumb, Johnson is quickly rediscovering his soft touch around the rim which spells trouble for Miami's opponents. Shane Larkin was the last player to speak and there were a lot of questions about his stellar play. Larkin, a total-team player, broke down how much of his success is a direct result of subtle things his teammates do on the court. Finally, Coach Larranaga sat before the bouquet-like cluster of microphones and was peppered by the media. After the cameras stopped rolling, I asked coach about Corn Elder's basketball prospects at the U. Coach didn't want to comment because Elder - a 3-star PG from Tennessee - is a 4-star RB/DB on Al Golden's squad. But there seemed to be something hidden between the lines. If you do a little digging online, it seems that basketball may be Elder's first love so this development is worth keeping an eye on.