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Welcome To The U:

Another week after signing day, another 2013 commitment for the Canes. Al Golden owns a time machine, people, it's the only explanation.


Al Golden doesn't give a damn if you go to Alabama, and apparently doesn't care if you're committed to an SEC team either. On Tuesday, the Canes landed longtime Texas A&M wide receiver commit Derrick Griffin. Griffin had also been considering Auburn very heavily. He chose not to sign anywhere on NSD, instead taking the patient path to make sure he was making the right choice.

That was all the time that Golden and his staff needed. Griffin is the second wide receiver in the class, and is ranked by Rivals as the nations 3rd receiver. He stands 6' 6" and clocks in at 215 pounds. After the year that the Aggies had, it's incredible that the Canes were able to come out of nowhere to grab him. The expectation is that he will likely have to go the JUCO route, unless something has changed, or does change before the fall. There's no reason Miami would use a spot for him unless they thought he could qualify, though, so hopes are high.

Take a look at what he can do:

Derrick Griffin (early junior highlights) (via Jeremy Lin)