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The Hurricanes Poach Another Florida School For Their New Tight Ends Coach

After the departure of Mario Cristobal to Bama after two months on the job, Miami was in need of a coach for their tight ends. It didn't take them long to find one, and they only needed to look in their own backyard.

Walford and his TE teammates will have a damn good coach next year
Walford and his TE teammates will have a damn good coach next year
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press has a mighty refreshing way of breaking news:

Short, sweet, and a little while later, confirmed by UM sources. While the hire hasn't been officially announced yet, you can all but wrap this one up. Scott, while still at South Florida, had been said to have interviewed for the Miami position, and also for a position on Jimbo Fisher's staff at Florida State. However, he then announced that he would be staying at South Florida, only to reverse that choice a few days later, accepting Miami's offer.

He was the lone holdover from Skip Holtz's staff, and thus leaves new Bulls coach Taggart with a totally revamped set of coaches. If you aren't sure who Larry Scott is, here's a few tidbits from the official USF site,

A member of USF's original recruiting class in February 1996, Larry Scott returned to USF in 2005 as director of high school operations, before first moving into coaching as a graduate assistant in 2006 and later as the tight ends coach, a position he accepted on Jan. 23, 2007.

Scott coached the tight ends in 2008 before switching to the offensive line in 2009. Scott returned to the tight ends in his sixth year with the program in 2010 and took over as running backs coach in 2012.

In his return to the tight end position, Scott and his group helped USF to its fifth-straight eight-win season, making it one of only 15 programs nationally and one of just 10 in BCS leagues that had accomplished the feat.

The site also highlights the aspect of this hire that Miami fans will be very happy to hear:

Where Scott has made arguably the biggest impact on USF is in recruiting. His work in Miami and throughout Dade and Broward counties has helped USF reel in a string of highly-regarded classes. In fact, many considered the 2008 class among the best in program history.

Then, Scott and the entire coaching staff went out and signed a 2009 class that was ranked as high as No. 21 nationally and was praised again as the best in program history.

Cristobal was, in his own right, a flawless South Florida recruiter, and while there aren't too many guys that you could replace him with that would live up to what he can do, Scott comes pretty damn close. If he was able to help get South Florida a nationally ranked class, then he will find it very easy to bring kids to Miami.

Pairing him with Golden, Coley, Barrow, and the other staff members who tirelessly work the recruiting trail means that Miami will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the South Florida area. It sure as hell isn't a bad thing that the man knows his tight ends. Putting him in charge of Walford, Sandland, Dobard, and likely Griffin will be wonderful to watch.

We will update you with the official University statement once we have it.

Welcome to the U, Coach Scott!