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Super Bowl Sunday Media Day . . . for the 'Canes

If the local media was busy scrambling after last-minute Super Bowl stuff, it didn't show. The media room at the BUC was pretty jammed up as people are catching on: Miami Hurricanes basketball is the best show in town.

The surging 'Canes returned home after a hard-fought road win against pre-season ACC favorite NC State. Reggie Johnson sealed it with a perfectly-timed tip-in, but the entirety of the game reeked of solid team play. In our first clip, Coach Larranaga discusses the thrilling end to Saturday's game, his team's preparation, and the students who met the team outside the BUC as the team returned to campus after defeating NC State.

Larranaga also talks about what he said to his team during the game...

Next up, Rion Brown discusses the big win over NC State and his task of chasing around the feisty frosh PG Tyler Lewis

Durand Scott discusses his blinding choice of footwear, the hectic last-second win, and then he's surrounded by all the TV networks that have come out of the woodwork! Better late than never, guys.

Be sure to show up on Tuesday as the 'Canes host Boston College at the BUC @ 7PM