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Recruiting Roundup: Where Miami Stands Two Days Out From NSD

Recruiting is hitting its peak, and is only getting crazier. So to help cut through the mess, here's a look at where Miami stands currently.

SB Nation Recruiting

Anyone having fun yet? You ready for this to be over? NO. SHUT UP AND LIKE IT.

We are two days away from National Signing Day, and the roller coaster than Golden and his staff have us fans on is about to hit its finale. The past few weeks have brought nothing but ups, downs, and a few "holy shit I think the wheels are falling off" loops. There was even one of those fancy timed photo things once the Kirkland news hit. Through with the roller coaster puns? Fine. I'll stop. Here's your info.

Denver Kirkland

The news was great, then horrible, then maybe OK, and now it's slowly creeping back to good. There was talk that Kirkland was still considering Miami, even after all that has happened, and on Monday, Canesport put the truth stamp on it with an interview with Ice Harris(subscription required):

"He has the offer back," Booker T. High coach Tim Harris said. "I guess they realized it wasn't the right thing to do in the first place, and the right thing was to give it back.

"All is well again. Now he has that option."

Kirkland will choose on Wednesday between UM, Arkansas and Florida State.

This is potentially huge news for the Canes, because many think that with Kirkland comes Thomas, but at this point, it's no guarantee they sign to the same school. Regardless, it's good to see the staff mending things so quickly. Just a quick FYI for the doomsday Golden haters out there, this whole situation was apparently started when Kirkland's family told the Miami staff he would choose on February 1st. The family neglected to tell Kirkland's coach, however, so when Miami came calling a day or so before that deadline, all hell broke loose. So no, Golden didn't screw anything up. So just stop with that mess.

Terrell Brooks

Brooks, a JUCO defensive tackle once committed to Baylor, was supposedly going to make his choice today. That has apparently been pushed back until tomorrow, which is fine. Most have him winding up at Miami, and I don't think the announcement being moved has anything to do with those chances. As far as those who think he is beneath Miami, or a plan B type of player, you also need to stop. First of all, he has Bill Snyder's (KSU coach) stamp of approval, and he makes a good part of his living picking up JUCO players. That alone should be enough. The bigger fact is is that, as a JUCO, he will come in much more ready to contribute immediately than a freshman DT, yes, that includes Bostwick and Bryant. This line need help/depth NOW, not down the line.

Gus Edwards

Also rumored to be announcing today, he looks to have pushed his choice back to Wednesday. This delay does throw a bit of doubt into the mix as far as who he will choose, although you could go either way with it. Does he need more time to choose Miami or FSU? No one knows all that much, although with his recent de-committment from Syracuse, him taking his final OV to Miami right before NSD, and the fact that his main recruiter was James Coley all point to Miami having a slight lead down the stretch.

Jaynard Bostwick

A huge (literally) priority in this class, Bostwick was a long, long time Miami lean, but has since opened things up a bit with visits to Bama and Florida. Pundits have started saying that he will likely be Gainesville bound, but those with connections have recently started to feel a bit better about Miami's chances. For example, Pete Ariz from CanesInsight posted this not too long ago:

Spoke to somebody close to Bostwick situation who says he believes Miami will be the choice. TIFWIW, but this is a strong source.

This is potentially fantastic news, not only because it would give Miami a great young defensive line player, but also because it is ALWAYS nice to steal a recruit from the grasp of Florida and Alabama.

Alex Collins

Collins will announce his decision tonight on Fox Sports South (Fox Sports Florida is also a possibility, depending on where you live. Check your local listings to make sure you will be able to see it, or search around online, as someone will be sure to have a stream link.) between Miami and Arkansas. This one truly is too close to call, although the prevailing feeling as of late is that Miami may have won out. Golden visited with him Friday night of last week, and most of the "connected" talk prior to that had him choosing Miami. Also, if you subscribe to the thought that recruits are honest with certain people that are close to them, Collins' girlfriend (a Miami student) has been blasting Arkansas on Twitter for a minute, and her comments certainly seem to point in one direction. Of course, she denies that she knows anything, but it's too hard to not read in between the lines.

Keith Bryant

Who the hell knows.