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'Canes Clip Eagles: Post-game Video and Jack McClinton bonus interview.

After Miami's romp over BC, SOTU was in the media room to witness the post-game press conference. But even before the game was played, I caught up with 'Canes legend, Jack McClinton.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
If you're new to 'Canes basketball, you should definitely look up some highlight clips of Jack McClinton. McClinton was easily the best shooter in school history and one of the great shooters in recent NCAA memory. The rangeless one routinely launched deep 3's with multiple defenders chasing him around. BC's skipper was first and Coach Donahue had the same pained expression many visiting coaches have worn after facing Miami at the BUC - or anywhere else for that matter. Up next, Shane Larkin, Kenny Kadji, Julian Gamble, and Rion Brown took the podium. Finally, Coach Larranaga took to the mic. It's funny. So many reporters ask him questions they already know the answers to because he ALWAYS gives the same answers to the same questions.