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Running NSD Updates Thread

Updating throughout the day with LOI's received and committments

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

UPDATE: 7AM Eastern: Gus Edwards signed his LOI, is now a Cane

UPDATE: 7:10 Eastern: Reports that Alex Gall and Kevin Olsen have signed their Miami LOI's. Faxing shortly.

UPDATE: 7:20 Eastern: Artie Burns and Jamal Carter have signed their LOI's. CANES.

UPDATE: 7:50 Eastern: Ray Lewis III signs his Miami LOI

UPDATE: 7:54 Eastern: Al-Quaddin Muhammad's LOI is in. No worries.

UPDATE: 8:53 Eastern: Ufomba Kamalu has signed his LOI

UPDATE: 10 Eastern: Davante Bond has faxed his letter in. He's a Cane!

UPDATE: 11:15 Eastern: Stacy Coley Picks Miami!

UPDATE: 11:48 Eastern: Stacy Coley's LOI has arrived. He's officially a Cane

UPDATE: 2 Eastern: Jermaine Grace is a CANE!!!