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Canes' National Signing Day Wraps Up: A Look At The Class

All of the expected recruits have signed either with Miami or elsewhere, and barring any late last minute surprises, it appears that Miami's class is done. SOTU breaks down the haul.

Just a fantastic picture.
Just a fantastic picture.
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We made it, people. Somehow, someway, we held together through the ups and downs of an at times disappointing, yet ultimately rewarding national signing day. Sure, we missed out on some special players who apparently don't understand geography, but overall a lot of needs were filled.

You have to remember, Golden had to take a smaller class for numerous reasons. Took a large class last year, he could not back count any early enrolees this year, plus the school was basically guessing as to how many scholarships to use in order to make the NCAA happy. Those things combined with the never ending stream of negative recruiting added up to what we saw today.

The biggest concern is the lack of DT's in the class. However, since we are returning every single one from last year, that's OK. If you'll remember, Golden didn't take any TE's in last years class, which had some people worried, but look how he has rebounded. 2014 is loaded with talent, and with (hopefully) a full complement of scholarships at his new staff's disposal, Miami should clean up.

With that being said, let's take a look at the final (maybe) class of 2013:

Devante Bond LB 6-3/230
Artie Burns DB 6-0/183
Jamal Carter DB 6-1/175
Stacy Coley WR 6-1/175
Standish Dobard TE 6-5/235
Augustus Edwards RB 6-1/222
Alex Gall OL 6-5/295
Ufomba Kamalu DE 6-5/280
Hunter Knighton OL 6-5/265
Ray Lewis III RB 5-10/192
Al-Quadin Muhammad DE 6-4/225
Sonny Odogwu OL 6-8/308
Kevin Olsen QB 6-3/196
Beau Sandland TE 6-6/250
Jermaine Grace
OLB 6-1/196
Alex Figeuroa
OLB 6-3/220

That, my friends, is a solid class. The Canes have their quarterback of the future in Kevin Olsen, and immediate starter at tight end in Beau Sandland, a great backup to Duke Johnson in Augustus Edwards, a couple of great secondary players in Artie Burns and Jamal Carter, and don't forget the star receiver Stacy Coley. Not to mention Ray Lewis' boy, who has yet to officially find a position, but you can bet that wherever he winds up will work hard and make a name for himself.

Sure, the defensive line guys that we did get are developmental and a bit raw, but developing players, something that Shannon did NOT do, is what Golden is known for. Any one of those kids could turn out to be exactly what the doctor ordered. Muhammad will be a beast on the outside of the line, and was a must get out of state prospect. Devante Bond and Alex Figeuroa could become great pass rushers either off the edge or from a line backer spot.

We will be getting more in depth down the road a bit, once things settle down, but for now, rest assured that while the big names went elsewhere, Golden has put together a very solid group of guys.